Tula Pahate Re Shows Us The Types Of Moms You Must’ve Encountered

Manjiri Shete

February 19, 2019


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We loved Mrs. Nimkar’s transition from being snobby to a supportive mom on Tula Pahate Re. Gargi Thatte plays the popular role on the Zee Marathi show. Her innocent (yet funny) dialogues make me laugh in almost every episode. More importantly, we admire Isha’s mom’s courage to stand by her husband through thick and thin. So, taking inspiration from our lovely Mrs. Nimkar, we have gathered the types of mommies we all have encountered.

Watch her in action below:

 1. The strict mommy

Almost all the mommies love stalking their children on Facebook and Instagram.  They are very particular about what they want for their kids. Take, for example, if she wants you to to study engineering, you must do it. You don’t have a choice!

2. The chef mommy

As the tag suggests, this mommy’s priorities lie in the kitchen. If you have to recognise one, just check their kids’ tiffin box. They will always something yummy and salivating happening in there. She always ready to whip anything and everything for her family.

3. The show-off mommy

We always have that one parent who wants to raise their hand at the PTA and try to answer as many questions as possible. Then, they will talk about their child’s academic score even before sharing their name. They don’t need a mic, they are one.

 4. The cool mommy

This type of mommy is super laid back. She is probably more chilled than an iced tea. You can do things your way. She is also down for wanting you to try different activities. This will help you jump out of your comfort zone.

5. The hyper mommy

Mommies, in general, can be very hyper (even the cool mommy, at times). However, this mommy can be super protective of her cubs. Even when the kids are all grown up, the smallest things can make her anxious. She will WhatsApp, call and text you (on Instagram, too).

6. The healthy mommy

She is into healthy eating, walking and keeping herself fit. Even during lunches, she will make healthy choices for her kids and try to cut out on the sugar content. Her daily schedule might include fitness classes to which her pictures on social media stand proof.

Which category does your mommy fall into? Let us know in the comments below!

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