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Tina Ahuja: Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Govinda’s Daughter That You Didn’t Know

Simren Rodrigues

January 11, 2021

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From her cheat meal to her perfect idea of a date, Driving Me Crazy fame Tina Ahuja talks to us about the side of hers that her fans probably don’t know on Unboxed with ZEE5.

Tina Ahuja is the daughter of Bollywood’s most-loved and appreciated actor Govinda. Tina managed to drive her fans crazy with her performance in ZEE5’s short film Driving Me Crazy. She also has a huge fan following on Instagram and keeps her fans entertained with her witty posts and stories. Do you want to know some of the rare and interesting facts about the actor? From her cheat meal to her perfect idea of a date? Then keep reading to know the details.

But before that, check out the Driving Me Crazy promo below:

1. Morning person or night person?

Ever wondered if Govinda’s daughter is a morning person or night person? Tina revealed in the ZEE5 unboxing interview that she is definitely a morning person.

2.Chai ya coffee?

Tina revealed that she loves coffee more than tea. She also spoke about coffee mug collection. She revealed that she loves collecting mugs and has an entire collection at home. However, the actor also stated that she used to have green tea just for the sake of it.

3. How does Tina prefer to stay fit? Yoga or gym?

The best of both worlds! Tina revealed that she prefers an equal blend of both yoga and gym when it comes to her fitness. She stated that both are equally important.

4. Wondering what’s the last thing she purchased under Rs 100?

Tina gave a quirky reply and said that the last thing that she purchased under Rs 100 were bubblegums.

6. When was the last time Tina travelled by public transport?

Tina revealed that she loves using rickshaws. She stated that she is a very chilled out person and prefers to use public transport when her driver is busy. The last time the actor travelled by public transport was before the lockdown.

7. One bad habit no one knows about?

A bad habit that no one knows about the actor is that she takes good 30 mins to wake up.

8. Did our star actor ever lie to her parents?

Tina revealed that she never lies to her parents. She recalled an incident from her childhood where her mom warned her that if she ever lies, her nose will grow just like Pinocchio.

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9. This is Tina’s cheat meal…

Tina loves to start with pizza. She called it soul food. Tina also likes to munch on some french fries and prefers pizza and fries over burgers. For dessert, she likes to sweeten it up with waffles, smoothie, ice cream and cakes.

10. Her idea of a perfect date?

According to her, the date has to be cute and chilled out. It should start with lunch, a movie, and then dinner. She also prefers a nice movie night. Tina is totally in for a nice dinner with a stroll on the beach.

11. Wondering if the actor has been on a dating app?

The answer is no. But if she was, this is what would make her swipe right. Good looks, attractive and witty personality.

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12. Best comment on social media?

Kadak! She loves the comments that are written in Punjabi language and finds it authentic.

13. Worst comment on social media?

Tina revealed that after she bagged an award for her performance in the short film, one of the followers wrote,’nepokid’.

14. What is Tina’s favourite quote?

Tina has two favourite quotes. They are broken crayons can still colour and don’t try to sparkle less because of someone or something. You need to sparkle your shine.

15. Are you wondering what colour would she be if Tina was a crayon?

Pink defines her. Tina revealed her love for the colour pink. She also stated that everything from her room to her AirPod cover is pink.

16. If not acting this is what Tina loves to do…

She stated that she has her own company called healthycrush.mumbai that aims at making others become fit. She also revealed that when she is not acting she helps to style her father.

18. One celeb you would like to get stuck with on an island?

Hollywood’s heartthrob, Tom Cruise!

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19. New years resolution?

Tina revealed that in 2021, she decided to go easy on herself. She would like to travel to new places, work hard, take more holidays if possible, and make fitness a lifestyle. She also revealed that her main goal in 2021 is to buy a nice house or property for herself.

20. What drives the actor crazy?

Tina stated this is what drives her crazy…shopping, good food and good places.

21. Favourite memory about Driving me crazy?

Just before the shooting, Tina had to undergo surgery. The moment she got a discharge, Tina revealed that she was rushed to the salon. The entire process went on till 3 am. Beautiful memories from hospital to salon till 3 am and then the shoot is what she will cherish the most.  She also revealed that the film was shot in two days.

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Catch Tina Ahuja in action on Driving Me Crazy exclusively on ZEE5!

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