ZEE5 Original Anaganaga: 6 Scenes From Ep. 1 That Will Peak Your Curiosity Beyond Measure

Sneha Bale

January 29, 2020


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The opening sequence

If you have been following the buzz lately, you know ZEE5 Original show Anaganaga is making the rounds in the web space. The show is a relationship-drama and revolves around 11 individuals who are connected to each other by destiny and fate. We recently watched the pilot episode of the show and realised how it makes our curiosity peak higher than one could expect.

You can check out the first episode of Anaganaga here:

Before we get into the episode, it is important to talk about the opening sequence of this show. In alignment with the spirit and theme of the show, the episode starts with a melodic tune that shows two kids lett go of a big bunch of red, heart-shaped balloons. And, that’s how you know, it is all about love.

The unsolicited slap

Soon into the episode, we see two boys hanging out and talking about the misery of staying single yet fearing marriage. And suddenly, a random girl comes to them and slaps one of them. Why did she do it? It becomes crazier because we know we will come around to know it… But… the wait!

The 'game' of dares

In the first episode, we all meet Sam and Anjali. They are two young adults, who happen to be best friends and know each other in and out. Their favourite past time is giving each other ‘dares’, and asking if they are ‘game for it?’. Interesting, isn’t it? But where will it take them *and us*?

The 'weirdo' union

Jai believes that his magic tricks and foreign accent are enough to get any or all the girls. But when he tries to ‘pick up’ the girl for that night, Jai bumps into Tara, who shatters his image. Clearly, neither Jai nor Tara is unhappy with how the events have unfolded. But what happens to them later?

The necessary realisation

During Sam and Anjali’s dare-escapade, Anjali goes to meet a stranger – only because Sam wanted Anjali to set her up with this beautiful stranger. However, this meeting makes things turn around. You need to witness what the sweet breeze does to them.

The meeting with a stranger

All thanks to Anjali’s daring step, two new strangers embark on a journey together. We know it. But they do not. And that’s probably one of the most interesting things that director Hussain Sha Kiran could do here.

What are your thoughts on this episode of Anaganga? Let us know in the comments section below. You can also check out the full show here on ZEE5.

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