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EXCLUSIVE! Novelist Anmol Rana: Those 7 Days Is Less Imagined And More Lived

Aayushi Sharma

December 9, 2019

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Love Bites, a recently released ZEE5 Original web series, has been adapted from Anmol Rana’s best-selling novel Those 7 Days.

At the beginning of 2019, ZEE5 announced several web adaptations of novels – The Final Call, Hutatma to name a few. Love Bites, a digital drama that recently released on the OTT platform, is based on Anmol Rana’s best-selling book – Those 7 Days. The seven-part series stars Anshuman Malhotra, Priyal Gor, Raima Sen amongst others, in lead roles. We interacted with Anmol,to find out about what made him write the book, the changes he had to make for its digital adaptation and more. He also opens up , about keeping up with his passion for writing while simultaneously  working as a scientist at DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation ).

1. What are your thoughts about Love Bites

Pass. The main character has simply fit into the slot. He is just like I had made him in my book.  I wrote the book for myself. But now when the world is reading  and watching it (the series), it gives me immense pleasure.

2. What were your thoughts behind writing Those 7 Days?

Stories are half fiction and half reality. Things happen to you and if you have a tendency to keep your memories (intact), and play around them, joke with them, question them, answer them, etc., they turn back to you in the form of a story. Those 7 Days is not what I had thought, but what I had lived. It’s about  my friends, school, college, job, first crush and first crash, my boss, that one woman I always wanted- not permanently though- and finally the enlightenment – “Chodo ghar baar – chalo haridwar”.

Those 7 Days is less imagined and more lived.

3. Did you have to make any changes for the web adaptation of your book?

No. I was not part of the adaption team in any form. I have not interacted with any member of the production team, ever.

4. You are currently working as a scientist at DRDO. When did you first discover your passion for writing?

It is more about accomplishment rather than passion. It’s about  the feeling of completeness. I am still not passionate about writing, or anything else.. I do things that give me happiness and joy. I have been writing for years, twenty to be precise.. And you can do that only when you are happy doing something. Passion has a life. Joy is endless.

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