Zee Natya Gaurav Puraskar 2020 Winners List: Aamne Saamne, Baromas Win Big

Read on to know the complete list of winners of the prestigious Zee Natya Gaurav Puraskar 2020.

Kedar Koli

September 19, 2020

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It’s still raining awards on Zee Marathi! After the glamorous awards night of Zee Chitra Gaurav Puraskar, it’s time for the best drama and theatre performances to be honoured. We’re all set to witness the grand ceremony of Zee Natya Gaurav Puraskar 2020 which will be telecasted on Zee Marathi on September 20 at 7 PM. Several awards are to be given out to the deserving artists in both the commercial and experimental play categories. Check out the list of winners from the prestigious award show that we’ve compiled specially for you.

Before moving ahead, watch Zee Chitra Gaurav 2020 here.

Read to know the complete list of winners and find out if your favourite actors won it big this time!

Commercial play category:

Noteworthy play: Thoda Tuzha Thoda Mazha
Best Costume: Mangal Kenkare for Maharathi
Best Costume: Yashwant Malgundkar for Planchet 
Best Music: Ashok Patki for Tu Mhanshil Tasa

Best Lights: Bhushan Desai for Thoda Tuzha Thoda Mazha

Best Set Design: Sandesh Bendre for Maharathi
Best Supporting Actress: Madhura Deshpande for Aamne Samne
Best Supporting Actor: Gaurav Malvankar for Daha By Daha
Best Actress In A Comic Role: Nirmiti Sawant for Vacuum Cleaner
Best Actor In A Comic Role: Sanjay Khapre for Don’t Worry Ho Jayega
Best Actress: Vandana Gupte for Haravlelya Pattyancha Bangla
Best Actor: Sumit Raghvan for Knock Knock Celebrity 
Best Writer: Samar Khadas for Jhund
Best Director: Neeraj Shirvaikar For Aamne Saamne
Best Comedy Play: Vacuum Cleaner
Best Play: Aamne Samne

Source: Instagram

Experimental play category:

Noteworthy Drama Production: Bardo
Best Set Design: Ameya Bhalerao for Bardo
Best Lights: Anup Mane – Yash Navale for Bardo
Best Music: Harsh Raut – Vijay Kapase for Nirupan
Best Costume: Akshay Kolwankar – Alpana Chavan for Biraad
Best Supporting Actress: Neha Shinde for Bhavaki
Best Supporting Actor: Shreenath Mhatre for Ekadashavatar
Best Actress: Mohini Tillu for Kala Ghoda
Best Actor: Yogesh Khandekar for Baromas
Best Writer: Shantanu Chandratre for Bardo
Best Director: (divided between)
1) Santosh Verulkar for Baromas 
2) Anup Mane for Bardo

Best Play: Baromas 

Stay tuned for this prestigious award ceremony of Zee Natya Gaurav Puraskar 2020 which telecasts on September 20 only on Zee Marathi.


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