Zee Kannada Kutumba Awards 2020: Gattimela, Paaru, Kamali: Vote For Your Most Favourite Serial

Here are some of the nominations from your favourite shows that you must catch up on!


October 17, 2020


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Zee Kannada Kutumba Awards 2020 is here just for the audience to vote on who they think is the best in their respective roles. From Favourite Hero and Heroine, Best Villain and Most Watched Serial to Popular Anchor and even Popular Judge. The audience also gets to choose the winner for each category as your favourite actors and anchors as well as judges will be awarded for their role in entertaining you.

One of the most interesting categories in this years’ awards ceremony is Most Favourite Serial. Under the category, we have Kamali, Paaru, Gattimela, Jothe Jotheyali and Yaare Nee Mohini along with Naagini 2 and Bramhagantu. Each story is different from one another while also having the most gripping stories there can be. Gattimela, as we all know, is a story of 4 sisters and how they serve as a pillar of strength to one another in the house. They all have different characters but all focusing on being strong women for the audience to look up to. Jothe Jotheyali is a love story between Arya and Anu whose age difference is a strong determining factor in their relationship. While society may not approve of this relationship, it only gets interesting to see how they defy the world to be together.

A Poster of Naagini 2












Other interesting serials like Yaare Nee Mohini and Naagini 2 focus on supernatural aspects of the show which make it different from the rest especially if you’re looking for something that’s far from reality. Naagini 2 is a love story that strikes a perfect balance between reality and supernatural elements wherein Shivani, the lead, is a serpent looking for her lover who was killed many years ago. Take your pick and tell us which show is your favourite!

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