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Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar Awards 2021: Joy, Baban, or Tirthankar, who makes for the most dreadful Khalnayak?

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February 20, 2021

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Choose the most treacherous villain of all and vote for them to win the Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar Awards 2021!

Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar Awards 2021 are right around the corner and voting polls for different categories are open now. From the strong female protagonists to the super evil antagonists, from your favourite serials to the best couples, we have a lot to vote for. When it comes to antagonists, we surely detest them for the harm that they cause but we can’t deny that they certainly add a lot of spice to our favourite shows.

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Joy, Baban, Tirthankar, Bhushan, Ashoke, and Meghnath Malpani have all planned and plotted against the people around them and made their lives a living hell many times. Given the treacherous plans and cunning traps, we wonder who is your favorite khalnayak.

Meghnath Malpani 

Pandab Goenda‘s Meghnath Malpani (played by Samrat Mukherjee) is the typical villain we have all grown up watching. He is always ready to create hurdles in the path of our favourite young detectives. Although he rarely succeeds in his goal, he is a goon we do not want to face in our lives. His harmful plans make the path of our goendas more difficult for sure.

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Alo and Akash’s lives have been tumultuous because of Akash’s cousin Baban (Koushik Das) and his father Tirthankar. Baban is always one step ahead of Tirthankar at being evil. They might plot their plans together but even then, he is only looking at his personal gains. His ultimate goal in life is gaining wealth without any hard work while also spoiling the lives of Alo and Akash. In our opinion, he can give everyone on this list a run for their money with his antics.


Bhushan in Jamuna Dhaki has made life quite difficult for Jamuna and her family. He tried to launder money from Jamuna and her mother and also threatened the family with his goons. He makes our skin crawl with disgust when he passes derogatory comments on Krishna. Bhushan makes for a strong contender for the award as he has joined forces with Laltoo in order to break Sangeet and Jamuna apart and is slowly succeeding at it.

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We have always known a father’s love to be forgiving and pure, but Alo Chhaya‘s Tirthankar (Arindam Banerjee) is an exception and how! He has always disliked the idea of Alo as his daughter-in-law and tried his level best to separate her from Akash. He might not be as cunning as Baban, but his intention is not pious either. We definitely enjoy his evil plans on screen, but dread to come across such characters in our lives.


Krishnokoli’s Ashoke, played by Vivaan Ghosh, is another villain who is impossible to ignore due to his cheap antics and continuous traps. Since the beginning, he has been jealous of Shyama and Nikhil and has gone to the extreme of trying to kill Shyama. He, along with his wife Disha, has been the prime reason behind the 18-year-long separation of Shyama and Nikhil. Too bad for him that he still couldn’t keep them apart! Ashoke deserves to be the best khalnayak just for his endless efforts at being evil.

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Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay‘s Joy (Uday Pratap Singh) is a character whom we detest for the way he had hurt Bably. His motives were always very selfish and cunning, whether it was playing with Bably’s heart when he found out that she was adopted or holding Radhika captive to succeed with his evil plans. His extreme and complex mind makes him a strong contender for the award.

Who are you placing your bets on? Vote for them and help them take their prizes home this year.

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