Yuva Dancing Queen: Watch Amey Wagh And Purva Shinde’s ‘Eyebrow- Raising’ Performance

The team of Dhurala, spent time with the contestants of Yuva Dancing Queen. Check out the video inside to know what we are talking about.

Manjiri Shete

December 30, 2019


2 min


Our expectations are always set high, thanks to the super entertaining content found on Yuva Dancing Queen. Every new episode of the reality show hosts guests, who come to judge the contestants’ performances. Last week, Amey Wagh, Siddharth Jadhav, Ankush Chaudhari and Sai Tamhankar, made an appearance on the show,  to promote their movie Dhurala, and thoroughly amused us with their sense of humour. Amey and Siddharth didn’t hold back while performing a singing duet with Purva Shinde, which won loud cheers from the viewers and the judges.  Are you curious to see a glimpse of the latest episode? Let’s have a look!

Watch an episode of Yuva Dancing Queen below:

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