YouTube Is Experimenting By Embedding Shopping Links Inside Videos; State Reports

Video Streaming platform YouTube is now testing a new feature which will allow you to buy products from the videos you watch on YouTube.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

January 18, 2021

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Viewers are currently reliable on social media when it comes to checking reviews for a certain product or looking up for the feature of the product they just bought. The fast-growing and popular video streaming platform YouTube is apparently experimenting with embedding shopping links inside a YouTube video, for the benefit of sellers as well as customers.

According to reports by Mashable, the streaming platform YouTube already embeds links in the form of cards which leads viewers to other videos on YouTube. This newly introduced feature will not only increase engagement on the app but will also keep them trapped in YouTube’s network. The developers are currently toying with a different kind of link that will help viewers to buy things instead of leading them to the product’s video.

Engadget reported that several selected YouTube videos will show a shopping bag icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. When the viewer taps on the icon, a list of items featured in the video will show. These can be linked either to the related videos of the product or better yet, let the viewer buy the item directly. Currently, YouTube is testing the new feature and it is only limited to creates included in a pilot program and show up for US YouTube viewers on Web, Android and iOS.

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As per Mashable, the feature could prove to be useful and convenient especially with the growing number of instruction videos on the platform. Earlier, YouTube had a feature where content creators would mention the link of the product they spoke about in the description. Viewers had to scroll down to the description box and search for the link. But now, rather than having to scroll through the video description to hunt for links to mentioned ingredients or materials. Of course, YouTube is likely to benefit from such a system, monetarily or otherwise.

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