Young Boy Gifts Toys To A Homeless Kid In A Heartwarming Viral Video

Check out a beautiful exchange of gifts between a young boy in a car and a homeless boy on the street. This video will surely leave you teary-eyed.

Shrudi Shyam

June 27, 2021

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With the widening use of the internet every day a new video goes viral. This time it was a heartwarming exchange between two kids that left the netizens in tears. This viral video features a young boy in a car giving his toys to a homeless kid on a street. He also receives a return gift from the young lad, making this exchange even purer. People have gone crazy over how heartwarming this video is. They’ve also left many appreciative comments on the post that now has over 9 million views.

The heartwarming exchange of gifts

In the viral video, a poor homeless boy can be seen approaching a car that is stopped on a street due to traffic. The young boy who sits inside the car then rolls down his window and started interacting with the kid. They talk for a while and then the boy in the car takes out a toy and gives it to the homeless kid. The kid takes it gratefully and happily starts playing with it.

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After he has played with the toy to his heart’s content, the boy wipes the toy and returns it to the owner. That’s when the boy in the car denies and insists he keeps the toy to himself. Overwhelmed by this action, the poor boy goes to get a return gift for his new friend. He gives the boy in the car a packet of snacks from the street across. The boy happily accepts it and even shares the snacks with his friend. As traffic clears out, the boys part ways by waving to each other.

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Netizens’ reaction

This beautiful exchange has left the whole internet in tears. Many users were seen appreciating both the boys’ upbringing. A user commented, “They are both amazing young man. The gesture of the boy outside the car is so grateful.” Meanwhile, another user said, “I hope so their find out each other one day to be good friends.”

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