This Scene From Ti Saddhya Kay Karte Will Make You Nostalgic About Your First Relationship

You may have severe stress in your life, but nothing is more nerve-racking giving your crush miss calls on the landline and her parents picking up.

Manjiri Shete

July 30, 2019


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Back in your childhood,  talking to your crush’s parents was the hardest and the most important step. Primarily because you knew they are going to ask you all sorts of question about your report card and future. But, don’t worry you weren’t the only one who had to suffer through that embarrassment. Now, you’ve Ankush Chaudhari’s character Anurag from Ti Saddhya Kay Karte to give you company.

Watch the comical scene unfold with the poor Anurag on Ti Saddhya Kay Karte below

In this Marathi film, Tanvi (Tejashri Pradhan) and Anurag are besties. However, unknown to Tanvi, Anurag has had a crush on a since her childhood. The biggest challenge occurs when he must face her father and make utmost efforts in impressing him. The hilarity unfolds when every time he calls Tanvi’s house, her parents end up answering. He has no option but to slam the phone!

Tejashri Pradhan and Ankush Chaudhari's childhood characters from Ti Saddhya Kay Karte.
Tejashri Pradhan and Ankush Chaudhari’s childhood characters from Ti Saddhya Kay Karte.

This has been a situation for all of us back in the younger days. The parents were obviously the biggest obstacle standing between you and your crushes. Unfortunately, this happens even in love marriages. The two families getting along can be a tricky business. There can be a lot of awkward moments which will want to make you run away from that meeting. Life is hard!

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