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You Will Not Stop Laughing After Seeing The Culture Difference In Mumbai Pune Mumbai

Manjiri Shete

May 15, 2019

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Satish Rajwade’s Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 will make you laugh at the stereotypes of the two cities.

You see a blooming rivalry and love, put forward in a hilarious fashion when you meet Gauri (Mukta Barve ) and Gautam (Swapnil Kulkarni) in the film, Mumbai Pune Mumbai on ZEE5.  You can sort your relationship out with the help of a counsellor. However, no amount of peace talk is going to help these age-old cities. While watching it, the obvious dissimilarities of Mumbai and Pune did come to our notice. Have a look!

To enjoy these jokes, tune into Mumbai Pune Mumbai below


Mukta Barve, who is hailing from Mumbai, isn’t afraid of the crowd, contrary to what Swapnil Joshi believes. Every Mumbaikar knows we have more people living in this city than the animals in the world.  So, obviously, the art of navigating through the crowd comes to us easily.

2.Different dressing

Mukta Barve rightly points out in the film, the stark contrast in dress sense seen in Mumbai and Pune. The strong cultural influence of Pune is also seen in the locals’ fashion choices. Meanwhile, Mumbai being more cosmopolitan has adapted to the wider range of styles.

3. Language difference

Even though both the cities have the same mother tongue, the Punekars are more prolific in Marathi. Whereas Mumbaikars, have our mother tongue blended with other languages. (We have got the swag, tho.)

4. Financial capital vs Peshwai richness

The city of light may the ahead in the financial game, but you have Peshwai richness to compete with it. No amount of money can buy that extravaganza.

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