Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla: Will Sweetu’s Engagement With Mohit Be The Day Everyone Finds Out About Sweetu-Omkar’s Love?

As Sweetu’s engagement with Mohit nears, here’s what could happen on Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla!

Tanvi Rumale

May 21, 2021


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Zee Marathi’s Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla has kept viewers hooked with its adorable characters and some interesting villains. Sweetu and Omkar have made the journey from friends to people in love but Sweetu has not been able to confess her feelings to Om. Bound by her mother’s promise to not fall in love with Omkar and do anything against her wishes, Sweetu was unable to accept Omkar’s proposal even though it brought her happiness. Now, she is set to get engaged to Mohit, the cunning and arrogant assistant of Malavika!

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Mohit knows about Omkar and Sweetu’s feelings and has been toying with them for a while now. He has an ulterior motive behind marrying Sweetu and it is that he wants to have what Omkar wants and prove to Malavika that he is someone to be reckoned with. Malavika as an employer treats her employees like they are her servants and forces them into doing a lot of personal chores for her as well. Mohit is sick of how she treats him and wants to see how she will feel when her brother will be pining over someone that is his!

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Omkar has recently moved into the Salvi house because he wants to help them out and spend time with Sweetu during the marriage preparations. Nalu found Omkar’s note where he asked Sweetu to meet her in private at night because he had something important to say. Nalu knows that Omkar loves Sweetu and her daughter’s heart too is with him, yet she is pressing for Mohit to be her husband.

As the day of Mohit and Sweeetu’s engagement comes, we think that it could be the day Sweetu and Omkar’s love comes out in the open for everyone to know. Zee Marathi’s official Instagram recently released a sneak peak of all the drama that is to ensue on the engagement day! Take a look at the post here:


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In the video, we see that Mohit insults Sweetu when she takes her time to put the ring on his finger. Omkar is the one who stands up for Sweetu and takes her side. We hope that Nalu and Vasant see this and realise that Omkar is the right guy for Sweetu because he supports her always unlike Mohit who openly insults her. We hope that Omkar’s bold confession also makes Sweetu break her walls down and confess her feelings as well!

It looks like this engagement could either end up being the worst thing for Sweetu and Omkar or the best thing!

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