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Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla: Whenever Life Throws Curve Balls, The Salvis Manage To Find Hope And Positivity

Aboli Vaze

May 25, 2021

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In Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, the Salvis have a flair to find happiness in small things, no matter how difficult life gets for them and we find that truly inspiring. Read on.

In Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, the last few days have been quite difficult for the Salvis, to say the least. They have had to go through many hurdles for Sweetu’s engagement, which did not even happen. However, no matter how difficult things get for them, the Salvis always manage to find hope and positivity amid all the despair. We love this about the family and truly find it quite inspiring. Read on.

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The last few days have been quite a rough patch for the Salvi family. If you watch the show regularly then you would know that they are very poor. They live in a chawl and barely manage to make ends meet. For a family who does not even have food in their house, imagine how hard it must be for them to manage an engagement. However, they were determined to get Sweetu engaged and were ready to pay any price for it.

They were slapped with dowry demands and unreasonable expenses from Mohit’s family but they managed to fulfil all their requests. Despite all the efforts, Mohit’s family did not appreciate anything they did and kept pointing out mistakes in every small thing. Their pedantic behaviour and constant taunts would break the spirit of anybody but not of the Salvis. No matter how much they were ridiculed, the Salvis kept trying to please Mohit’s family so they would welcome Sweetu.

yeu kashi tashi me nandayla
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The Salvis stayed hungry, sold their jewellery and exhausted their savings for Sweetu’s engagement which ultimately did not happen. Mohit decided to call off the engagement at the last moment, leaving the Salvis utterly shocked and broken. They all cried and were hurting a lot. We thought this would break the family but that is far from what actually happened.

Finding hope and positivity

The Salvis have a flair to find happiness in small things, no matter how difficult life gets for them. Even right now, despite being in such a difficult place, they all got up in the morning with a smile on their face and went on about their normal morning activities. Chinya, the prankster of the house, got pakodas for everybody and they all relished on the expensive delicacy while laughing. Seeing them laugh together really made us aware of how strong they are as a unit. They may not have a lot of money and society may ridicule them, but they have each other and that’s enough for them. They have tackled many situations before, with a smile on their face and they’ll tackle this one too! Stay tuned to ZEE5 and Zee Marathi to find out what happens next on the show.

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