Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla: Mohit Catches Sweetu And Omkar Sharing A Romantic Moment, What Will Be His Next Move?

Sweetu and Omkar from Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla shared an incredibly romantic moment together but Mohit caught them! Read on

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March 31, 2021



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The festival of colours, Holi, has brought Sweetu and Omkar from Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla much closer and fans are really happy for them. They shared an incredibly romantic moment together, leaving the fans swooning over them. However, Mohit caught them in the moment and he is sure to foil their budding romance. While we’re really happy for Omkar and Sweetu, we can’t help but ponder over Mohit’s next move. Read on.

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What happened was, the Khanvilkars visited the Salvis to celebrate Holi together. Leaving Malvika and her father, everyone was there and they all had a gala time playing with colours. While everyone got smeared in gulaal, Sweetu tried her best to avoid the colours. She apparently does not like getting gulaal on her and she kept trying to escape it.

Omkar, on the other hand, had made up his mind to apply gulaal on Sweetu. Despite her repeated protests, Omkar remained adamant about it. Feeling helpless, Sweetu started running away from him as he followed her through the alleys of her chawl. He finally caught up to her and caged her against a wall. When Sweetu tried to run again, he caught her hand and twirled her back in the same position. Finally, he rubbed his gulaal-smeared cheek against her cheek and transferred the colour. He repeated the same for another cheek, leaving Sweetu flustered and blushing over what just happened.

While Omkar and Sweetu were having their romantic moment, Mohit saw them together. He wanted to be the first one to apply colour on Sweetu and was evidently jealous when he saw her with Omkar. He watched them for a while and left silently.

Here’s what a jealous Mohit can do next

Mohit might tell Malvika everything, following which she may become even more ruthless towards the Salvis. He might also tell the Salvis directly, thereby creating problems between Sweetu and her family. He may also blackmail Omkar and Sweetu for his own advantage and to turn things in his favour. To find out what his next move will be, stay tuned to ZEE5 and Zee Marathi. 

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