Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla: Instances That Can Help Nalu Realize Omkar Is Perfect For Sweetu!

In Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, If Nalu could just see how perfect Omkar is for Sweetu, maybe their love story won’t be so hard anymore. Read.

Aboli Vaze

April 5, 2021



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In Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, sparks are flying between Omkar and Sweetu but they are still not together. Both of them are holding back their feelings out of obligation and that is really sad to watch. One of the main reasons why Sweetu could be hiding her feelings for Omkar is because of her mother. If Nalu could just see how perfect Omkar is for Sweetu, maybe their love story won’t be so hard anymore. On that note, let us take a look at five instances that can help Nalu realize Omkar is perfect for her daughter.

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1. Omkar’s promise to Nalu

Remember the time when Sweetu first moved in with the Khanvilkars? Nalu was really scared to send her daughter to the big city. However, it was Omkar who comforted her, promised her that he will take care of her daughter and never let anyone hurt her. It was only after Omkar’s promise, that Nalu was convinced about sending her daughter.

2. ‘Dosti ke liye kuch bhi’

When Nalu brought Sweetu back from Mumbai, a distraught Omkar came looking for her. He could not meet her, but he met Nalu who asked him to stay away from Sweetu. Even though Omkar didn’t want to, he said ‘dosti ke liye kuch bhi’ and swore to stay away from her. This proves how good a friend he is!

3. Omkar brought back Sweetu safely

When Nalu urged Sweetu to travel with Mohit, he left her alone in a dangerous place. If it weren’t for Omkar, Sweetu would not even have made it back alive. Omkar not only saved her daughter’s life but brought her back home within the deadline. How can Nalu still pick Mohit over Omkar for Sweetu?

4. Omkar saved Sweetu from fraud

Somehow, all the men Nalu likes for her daughter end up being devious. One time, she wanted Sweetu to marry an NRI but he later turned out to be a  big fraudster. Guess who caught him? Omkar of course! Nalu thanked Omkar but asked him not to interfere with their family matters thereafter.

5. ‘Kundali’ matched!

If these instances still don’t help Nalu get an epiphany about Omkar and Sweetu, their matched kundalis will surely help. As it turns out, Omkar and Sweetu’s kundalis are a perfect match as if they are made for each other. At least this should convince Nalu that Omkar is perfect for Sweetu.

Nalu loves her daughter a lot but she is scared of what Malvika might do to her. If she could just look past it and realize how perfect Omkar is for Sweetu, their love story could start progressing.

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