Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla: 5 Times Things Worked Out For Sweetu, Instead Of Momo On The Show

These moments from Yeu Kashi Tashi me Nandayla prove that even unintentionally Sweetu will be the one for Omkar, always!

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April 6, 2021



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Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla is currently going through a lot of drama as Shaku wants Sweetu to be her Sun, but Malavika wants Momo to be the one who marries Omkar. Malavika thinks of herself as the head of the family and for her, the most important thing is money and class. She sees Momo for her money and class, nothing else and that is why she treats her with respect and care. She looks at Sweetu as a down-market girl who just wants to be around the Khanvilkars for her own advantage.

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When guests misunderstood Sweetu to be the new Khanvilkar sun

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Shaku and Malavika are on their way to celebrate 25 years of Khanvilkar fitness group. Malavika does not want Sweetu to be a part of it and insults her. She instead invites Momo and lets everyone know that she will be formally introducing Momo as the new bride during the event. Shaku, on the other hand, wants Sweetu to come and is afraid of going up to the stage alone. Momo is late and is busy getting ready when Sweetu arrives at the function and everyone thinks that Sweetu is the new Khanvilkar sun! Sweetu looks radiant in a black gold saree and makes Shaku smile. Everyone is happy, especially Omkar!

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When Sweetu gets Shaku’s gold bangles

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Shaku’s gold bangles are a family heirloom that was passed onto her by her mother-in-law. Shaku wants to continue the tradition but Momo has modern tastes and dislikes her bangles. She first wears them as earrings and then begins to play with them. She uses the bangles as bait to play fetch with Jadu. Shaku sees this and feels disappointed. Later, to make Shaku happy, Omkar and Rocky create a situation where these special bangles are given to Sweetu by Momo herself! This way, the bangles that should be worn by the sun of the house go to Sweetu instead of Momo.

The tale of the patrikas

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On the pretext of checking if Momo and Omkar’s “stars align,” Shaku and Rocky take Momo to an astrologer where they also call Nalu and Sweetu. But the pandit, instead of checking Sweetu’s Patrika alone, checks it with Omkar’s and finds that he is extremely compatible with Sweetu. When he is corrected, he looks at Omkar and Momo and tells them that this alliance will not be good if it takes place! This leaves Momo shattered and hopeless! Whereas, Omkar, Rocky and Shaku get excited by this news as even the patrikas prove that Sweetu is the one for Omkar!

Omkar and Momo’s photoshoot

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When Nalu had heard bitter words from Malavika’s mouth time and again, she decided to never let her daughter become a part of the Khanvilkar family. Sweetu understood what her mother wanted and warned Omkar to stay away from her too. Malavika wanted Momo and Omkar to do a couple photoshoot as they are to be engaged and she tries to make Omkar and Momo come close. But, all this goes in vain as everything Momo does gets Omkar to think about his memories with Sweetu!

When Sweetu and Omkar have fun at the resort

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Back when Sweetu was still working with the Khanvilkars and Momo, there was an off-site meeting with a client. Malavika sent Mohit to make sure that Omkar and Momo spend time together and get close as the off-site was a resort. But because of Rocky’s presence of mind and his love for Omkar and Sweetu, Mohit was the one who ended up spending time with Momo while Omkar and Sweetu had their fun-filled sweet moments!

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