Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla: 5 Times A Dolled Up Sweetu Took Our Breath Away

From sarees to dresses, Sweetu from Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla looks lovely in everything!

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April 8, 2021



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Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla’s Sweetu is everyone’s favourite. She is kind and respectful and also adorable. She doesn’t seem overtly righteous but is just a caring and fun person. She handles every situation well and makes sure no one gets hurt. Although, Malavika and Mohit have hurt her too many times, she has never said anything mean to them. She often dresses in kurtis and dupattas. She has a couple of colourful dupattas that she loves wearing. But, a handful of times on the show, she wore outfits completely different from her usual style and we loved how great she looked in them!

Watch the latest episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla here:

Sweetu in a white gown

Source: ZEE5

In the most recent episode, we see Malavika announcing a huge party from the Khanvilkar group of fitness and she wants everyone to be in their best outfits for it. Momo looks stunning in a red bodycon dress and asks Sweetu to quickly dress up too. Omkar, who has decided to take this day to propose to Sweetu, send her a white gown and asks her to wear it for the event. She loves it but gets insecure about her body. However, she later tries it on and looks like a total fairy! Shaku and Rocky are her cheerleaders and they make her feel good about herself, so that Sweetu has the confidence to walk out in the dress!

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Sweetu in a black and gold saree

Source: ZEE5

Sweetu does not wear sarees at all and it is a rare occasion for her to be seen in one. For the celebration of the Khanvilkar group of fitness’ 25 years, Malavika holds a party and asks the whole Khanvilkar family to dress in black and gold. Everyone agrees and Sweetu seems excited as well, but Malavika asks her to not come. Shaku, on the other hand, needs Sweetu by her side for comfort and confidence and so Sweetu shows up in a black and gold saree. It is simple and understated, but she looks very pretty in it. In fact, all the guests assume Sweetu is the new Khanvilkar sun!

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Sweetu in a yellow saree

Source: ZEE5

Sweetu likes bright colours but prefers mute or minimal designs. When Nalu finds a boy who wants to meet Sweetu at a restaurant and see if the two like each other, she readily agrees. Suman and she send Sweetu in a yellow and pink saree that looks so beautiful and it perfectly goes with the summer season!

Koli dance outfit

Source ZEE5

Omkar and Sweetu, along with Rocky, Momo and Mohit go to a resort to have an offsite meeting with a client. The client likes Sweetu and her ideas and agrees to the deal and later, everyone decides to spend some time at the resort, as their car tires are punctured. Everyone gets into traditional Koli outfits and dance to loud music. Sweetu looks vibrant and happy in this, doesn’t she?

Sweetu’s pink salwar suit at the first Khanvilkar party

Source: ZEE5

At the beginning of the show, Sweetu and Nalu were invited to Shaku’s party as they had just reconnected as friends. Shaku wanted to spend more time with her best friend and her daughter and invited them. At this party, Omkar and Sweetu become friends and begin a friendship. Omkar thinks Sweetu looks really lovely in her light pink outfit with matching earrings and bindi. He even helps her find her lost earring! Doesn’t look as sweet as her name?

We hope to see her more dolled up in the coming episodes!

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