Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 25 November 2021 Written Update: Malvika Rejects Maithili’s Help

Malvika’s company gets seized. As Maithili learns about it, she gets shocked and considers providing her help. Later, Malvika rejects Maithili’s offer of help and sells her company to a client referred by Mohit


November 26, 2021

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yeu kashi tashi me nandayla

2 min


In the previous episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, Nalu and Vasant feel elated on seeing Sweetu being happy with Omkar. The notice about the house and the company being seized shocks Shaku. She then reassures a scared Malvika, but Malvika rebuffs her.

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