Yeu Kashi Kashi Me Nandayla: Is Chinnya Unknowingly Playing Cupid For Omkar-Sweetu?

This Sushil drama will bring the two more closer and all the credit goes to Chinnya for unknowingly doing it!

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February 18, 2021



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In Zee Marathi’s Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, we are currently seeing how the Salvis refuse to believe that Sushil is not a good guy even though Chinnya and Omkar both try to tell them the truth. Vasant dada even asks Omkar to apologise to Sushil and make their relations normal as he thinks that Sushil is the best man for Sweetu. Omkar is hurt about that but willingly apologises in front of the whole family. Later, Sushil asks the Salvis if he can take Sweetu out for dinner. Chinnya is worried at the thought of Sushil going alone with Sweetu and informs Omkar about the same on the phone.

Omkar immediately rushes to the restaurant with Momo. There when he sees Sushil misbehaving with Sweetu, he even hits Sushil and takes Sweetu home. He cheers her up and makes her feel comfortable till she reaches home. In this whole debacle, Sweetu and the Salvis realised two things: Sushil is a fraud, and that Chinnya and Omkar were right all along. This only brings the Salvis to love and appreciate Omkar more, but this also brings Sweetu closer to Omkar. Of course, they are friends who help each other out. But by going out of his way to save her like a total Bollywood hero, Sweetu will be more grateful to Om than ever. Especially because she initially refused to believe him and even stayed mad at him because of his behaviour with Sushil!












This Sushil drama will bring the two more closer and all the credit goes to Chinnya for unknowingly doing it! Even if Sushil makes up a way to come back into the Salvis’ lives, Chinnya will keep sending Omkar in his direction and saving Sweetu! We’re here to appreciate Chinnya, that’s all!

In the coming episodes, we will definitely see how Omkar will spend more time with the Salvis and Sweetu. Of course, there is the issue of Malavika, who has asked Omkar for a promise that he will marry the girl she likes! Malavika will definitely try to come in the way of Omkar and Sweetu. She does not like the Salvis and will not have Sweetu as a part of the Khavilkar family.

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