‘Yes I do’ on hold for Britney as boyfriend Sam Asghari clarifies recent Instagram post

The images might be false for now but the excitement and good wishes of the fans will always remain true for their stars



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The past and the present year have been full of excitement for the fans of pop star Britney Spears, with the whole conservatorship saga, and the ensuing court case against her own father, Jamie Spears for rights over her own life. This even culminated in the FreeBrittney Movement. The fans were especially glad that the star (39) had someone to support her in all this drama, the 27-year-old personal trainer, Sam Asghari.

And so their excitement was understandable when Asghari seemingly posted a picture of a diamond ring on his personal Instagram page. The ring was also inscribed with the words “lioness”, a nickname Sam uses for Brittney. Although the post was quickly deleted. This also seemed to tie up with other events of the week where the trainer was seen shopping at Cartier, a jewellery store in Beverly Hills, and seemed to be looking at a diamond ring collection.

However, much to the dismay of fans and probably Brittney too, Sam issued a clarification in a follow-up Instagram post. He stated that the account got hacked and the post was photoshopped. Hence all the fans should calm down.

It seems like such a cruel joke for the fans. And the hacker story also seems like an easy excuse. After all, some time back in July Sam had joked about being secretly married to Britney Spears for five years and even having kids. Well, their public relationship has been going strong for 04 years now. Sam also had on many occasions expressed his admiration for Brittney, called her his lioness, and offered his support in the conservatorship battle. Britney too had seemingly hinted at marriage plans in her court hearing.

The news might be false for now but the excitement and good wishes of the fans will remain true whenever the star decides to take on the next step in her life’s journey.

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