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Yaare Nee Mohini: Reason For Belli’s Accident Revealed


October 14, 2020

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See how Sharmila plays an active role in Belli’s situation

Recently in Yaare Nee Mohini, Belli and Muttu have a conversation about everything that has happened ever since Maya’s death. They also say that they will always be there for each other and will support one another through tough times. Belli, however, is not feeling too well and wonders why she is feeling nauseous. Just then, Muttu reminds her that they have a pooja that must be performed the next day as they must get rid of the evil spirits once and for all. The next day they perform the rituals even though Belli is not feeling too well.

This week, Muttu and his family decide to organise a pooja for Belli’s health and baby that is in her womb. Belli is coming down the stairs slowly as she is still weak. Just then, a friend of Sharmila walks towards her and puts a garland around her neck. It is revealed that Sharmila has organised for her friend to put a garland that has a needle so that it can hurt Belli and she loses balance and falls. As per the plan, Belli bends down to seek blessings when she feels a piercing pain in her stomach and falls down the stairs and becomes unconscious.

Muttu and the rest take her to the hospital when Neelambari confronts Sharmila and her friend. Her friend hides the fact that she was asked to put the garland around when Neelambari confronts them. Sharmila also goes and slaps her friend so that Neelambari does not suspect her. However, after she leaves, Sharmila tells her friend that she should have been more careful and should have had an excuse in place.

Sharmila and her friend

Muttu, on the other hand, asks the doctor about Belli’s health. The doctor tells them that her health has deteriorated as she has just had an abortion and they will need more time to know if Belli will recover. On asking about the child, the doctor tells them that her scans are yet to come from the lab and once they receive is when they’ll be able to know the condition of the child. They call Neelambari and tell her about the same.

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