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Yaare Nee Mohini: Maya Stops Muttu From Saving His Factory


September 23, 2020

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While Muttu finds a solution, Maya finds a way to come in between his plan to save his factory

Recently in Yaare Nee Mohini, Muttu apologises to the entire family for whatever has happened. They all tell him not to worry about anything and that they will all support him every step of the way. He also tells them that there are more problems than one can imagine and how confused he is about what step to take. As Maya relentlessly tries to ruin their life, the next few episodes will be interesting to see how Muttu is able to fight these evil powers and if Chitra will come back to save them from their misery.

In this episode, all the women in the house have decided to give off their most expensive sarees for Muttu to sell so that he can a larger amount of money in order to revive his factory. As Muttu feels extremely guilty about the same, he tells Neelambari that he is extremely apologetic about the situation and he would do anything to change it. Neelambari consoles him to say that it was not in his hands to control the situation and what has happened had already happened. They can only try and fix the situation. He, then, leaves with the sarees.

As he goes, Belli feels like something is not right and there is some sort of trouble that they might have to face again whereas Muttu is driving his car to go sell the sarees. As he is on his way, a woman stops him and tells him that she needs help and requests him to drop her on his way. However, she makes him unconscious and takes her true form. It is revealed that the woman is no other than Maya who had planned to take the sarees away from him so that he does not get any money for the same.


A police officer sees him in his unconscious state and asks him why he was sleeping. He realises that the woman has taken the money away and calls Shanmugam to the location. With a heavy heart, they tell the family what has happened and that he does not remember when and where the money went as he was unconscious. Belli consoles him.

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