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Yaare Nee Mohini: Maya Endangers Belli’s Life


September 12, 2020

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Maya is back with yet another plan to attack Muttu’s family. Details inside.

Recently in Yaare Nee Mohini, we see that Bhaira’s death has changed Neelambari completely. When Belli decides to go on a fast and sacrifice everything for the next 3 days, Neelambari tells her that they never doubted the power that she possesses to protect the family and has always had some sort of control over bad situations. Belli thanks her and seeks her blessings for the same.

In this episode, Belli has taken it upon herself to perform all the rituals that it takes to protect her family. While Muttu and the rest have gone with her to the temple to support her, they all realise that she will have to sit in a mandapa structure with fire around her. They get very tense as Belli tells them that she will go to any extent to protect the family even if it means putting her life at risk.

However, in the middle of the ritual being performed, Muttu stops Belli and carries her out as she becomes unconscious. When she gains consciousness, she asks Muttu and Shanmugam for forgiveness as she was not able to perform the ritual completely. They console her and tell her that it was not her fault. They also suspect that there was an evil power that intensified the fire around her and that it must be Maya who has come back again.  Belli worries about the consequences that the family will have to face.

Maya and Muttu

Elsewhere, Sharmila expresses her concern with Neelambari to tell her that they do not know how they must live under the guidance of Muttu. They have always lived on their own terms whereas now they will have to follow Belli and Muttu. Neelambari tells her that there are other important things to focus on.

That night, Maya comes in the form of her spirit to talk to Muttu. She wakes him up and tells him that she will not allow Belli to perform any sort of rituals. She also tells him that she loved him at the cost of her own life and she will never allow him to be happy with Belli for what he did to her.

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