Yaare Nee Mohini Completes 900 Episodes And It’s Time To Celebrate!

As Belli And Muttu’s Yaare Nee Mohini completes 900 episodes, here’s what has kept it going!


July 31, 2020


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It’s everything happy as your favourite supernatural show,  Yaare Nee Mohini completes 900 episodes. Doesn’t time fly? From watching Muttu getting married to Chitra’s demise which turned things around overnight and now watching Muttu and Belli fight for their love, we really have come a long way. As we speak about this amazing and unique show, let’s take a moment to see the top 5 moments that kept this show going all this while!

Muttu’s character as we know has always evolved. From being a great husband to Chitra, we saw him experience grief after her demise but then pick himself up and move on thereafter. We also see how he develops feelings for Belli but sinks in guilt when he thinks of marrying her.

Muttu expresses his feelings to a little girl
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What also keeps this show going are all the hurdles that come their way and how Belli and Muttu fight these obstacles in order to be one. Their faith in each other and the trust they share has surely made them the ultimate couple goals!

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Apart from this, Maya’s character and all her efforts in trying to marry Muttu with or without his knowledge have really kept us at the edge of our seats and left us wondering if she will actually succeed. Maya has always been determined to marry Muttu and keep Belli away from him but has never been able to succeed. Now, we wonder if she has actually died but is coming back as a spirit or if it is just another act that she is putting up.

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How Shanmugam and Aishu help their friends Belli and Muttu in discovering the truth about Neelambari and Maya on multiple occasions has not only enhanced the story we also learn about loyalty and camaraderie that they share which is honestly heart-melting!

Aishu, Shanmugam and Muttu have a light moment while talking about Maya
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The last but most interesting aspect of the show is Chitra coming back in the form of Mohini to solve their problems. She still keeps the house together and protects them from all sorts of hurdles. As Maya comes back, will Mohini come back to protect Muttu and Belli again?

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