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Yaare Nee Mohini: Belli Is Everything That A Strong Woman Should Be


October 29, 2020

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Check out how Belli has always been a pillar of strength to fight off evil powers.

Recently in Yaare Nee Mohini, all the women in the house have decided to give off their most expensive sarees for Muttu to sell so that he can a larger amount of money in order to revive his factory. As Muttu feels extremely guilty about the same, he tells Neelambari that he is extremely apologetic about the situation and he would do anything to change it.

Speaking of the women, Belli has always portrayed to be a strong character and the most powerful woman of the house many a time. Starting from the time when she had the courage to stand up to her feelings for Muttu. She fell in love with him and always stood by him even though she knew that he was a widower. She supported him as a partner and a friend while keeping aside her feelings and the complications it could lead to in her relationship. When Maya tries to destroy her life, she has always fought her with the utmost bravery and protected her dignity while being at it.

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Moreover, Maya has also tried to ruin her relationship with Muttu, she has told Maya that she can try and do whatever it takes to remove her from Muttu’s life but she will never back down. She has also fought Neelambari when she tried to kill her and has been a staunch believer of God which has kept her going at all times. When Muttu and her got married, she has helped him fight every hurdle that has come his way. From performing all the rituals that were needed to be performed like going to the dangerous forest and dressing up the idol to giving him the idea of donating the sarees to get more money, she has always been a pillar of strength to the family.

Her faith in God and her husband is what has kept them together as they still continue to fight the evil powers of Maya. She has also protected Aishu and the other members who Maya has tried to attack time and again.

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