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Yaare Nee Mohini: Belli Finds The Way To The Shiva Temple


October 3, 2020

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Check out how Belli finds her way to the mysterious Shiva temple

Recently in Yaare Nee Mohini, all the women in the house have decided to give off their most expensive sarees for Muttu to sell so that he can a larger amount of money in order to revive his factory. As Muttu feels extremely guilty about the same, he tells Neelambari that he is extremely apologetic about the situation and he would do anything to change it. Maya tricks Muttu and takes all the sarees with her.

In this week’s episode, the Guruji tells Belli that she must visit a Shiva temple if she wants all her problems to go away. However, he also mentions the fact that he will not be able to tell them where the temple is and that they will have to find it themselves. Belli tells Muttu about the same while explaining to him that they must believe the Guruji. As Muttu has lost all hope, he seems unsure about the same but then decides to take Belli’s word for it. Belli asks him if they can go the next day to which he agrees.


The next day, Aishu, Belli and Muttu drive to the forest area which is the only clue they have about where the temple is. They wait in the forest while Aishu tells them that it is dangerous and they must leave before they get into any sort of trouble. However, Belli tells them to wait for a certain amount of time as she has hopes that they will find the way to the temple. As she says that, a man comes to Belli and she assumes that he has come to ask for food. He stops her and tells her that he does not want food from her but wants to tell her where the temple is. Belli is delighted about the same as she can finally meet the other Guruji that she was asked to meet.

When she goes inside, she meets the Guruji and realises that he is the same person who had taken a lift in the car and helped them with directions to the temple. She asks him why he did not tell them that he was the Guruji. She also tells him about the problems that they have been facing and requests him to help her family.

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