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Yaare Nee Mohini: Belli And Muttu Succeed In Getting Rid Of Maya


October 6, 2020

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The Guruji helps Belli and her family to pray that Maya attains ultimate peace after death.

Recently in Yaare Nee Mohini, the Guruji tells Belli that she must visit a Shiva temple if she wants all her problems to go away. However, he also mentions the fact that he will not be able to tell them where the temple is and that they will have to find it themselves. Belli tells Muttu about the same while explaining to him that they must believe the Guruji. As Muttu has lost all hope, he seems unsure about the same but then decides to take Belli’s word for it.

In this episode, Belli and Muttu find another way to deal with all the evil powers that Maya is using against their family. They go to the temple where they pray to the Shiva linga. Over there, they begin to talk to the linga when the snake appears. Belli tells the snake that she will not leave the temple unless she is allowed to perform a ritual that day. The snake blesses them with all the items that are needed and they pray for Maya’s soul to rest in peace and for her to attain ultimate peace after death. Muttu tells her that he never thought of asking for Maya’s peace.

Muttu and Belli

They also go and talk to the Guruji who then tells them what to do. As a result, they go home with a bunch of flowers that were Maya’s favourite and decide to talk to all the members of the family. Muttu starts by apologising for lying to them about where they had gone. He tells them that Belli and he had gone to the temple and needed to perform certain rituals. He also tells them that they keep everything aside and pray for Maya’s soul to rest. He gives them the flowers and asks them each to say something out of love for Maya.

While Belli tells Maya that she wants her to be at peace with herself, she also says that she will forgive her for killing the child that was in her stomach. Neelambari talks to the flower as though it is Maya and tells her that she will always be like her daughter and will be remembered all her life. They all pray for her to rest in peace.

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