Yaare Nee Mohini Actor Chethan Vicky Is Obsessed With Sunglasses And We Can Prove It

Parinika Uchil

May 19, 2019

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Looking Dashing In Black Aviators

Source: Instagram

Chethan, who plays the lead role on Yaare Nee Mohini likes to inspire his fans with his attributes, hidden in plain sight. For example, the character of Muttu is one who wears a lungi almost all the time. Similarly, we have figured out another of his passions. His love for wearing sunglasses! 


Mirrored Sunglasses Are Cool And Trendy

Source: Instagram

With a bright yellow backdrop, this handsome guy poses like a stud in his mirrored shades. Another one you can keep in your sunglasses collection.

Gradient Blue Anyone?

Source: Instagram

Namma Muttu is an inspiration when it comes to his style statements. If you are a fan, start making a list of these shades and make sure to add them in your collection. Chethan looks so much at peace with his gradient blue sunglasses against a natural backdrop.

Life Is Better With A Hint Of Reddish-Orange Aviators

Source: Instagram

Nowadays, there are various shades that come with different shapes of the rim, material etc. Do like Muttu and start building your collection right away. His aviator flash lenses suit perfectly with his lungi and the backdrop!

Gradient Aviators With A Sakkath Pose

Source: Instagram

If you are running out of pose ideas for a picture, take a look at this dashing man. Chethan’s pose coupled with his aviators is enough to make you fall in love.

A Trendy Wayfarer For All Your Outdoor Trips

Source: Instagram

OMG! How cute Chethan looked all those years back? By the way, Wayfarers are the next best thing after aviators. Do you own a pair of these?

A Macho Pose And Matte Black Aviators

Source: Instagram

Even though the shape of aviators is common in Chethan’s collection, notice how different each is from the other? To break the monotony, this is the kind of variety all men need.

He Can Look Like A Tough Cookie When Needed

Source: Instagram

Every man has that one pose that makes him look like a rugged rowdy. Muttu sports a golden rimmed aviator with an angry-young-man look. I don’t know about you but this picture of Chethan did scare me a little.

At Par With The Latest Trends

Source: Instagram

Chethan looked so adorable all those years ago. This Yaare Nee Mohini actor used to stay updated with the latest trends even at that time. Check out his extra-large aviators and judge for yourself.

Another Nostalgic Moment

Source: Instagram

Additionally, as Chethan progressed in his career, his style statements too were revamped. This silver rimmed grey aviators is proof that Muttu carried the fashion bug since then. 

The Shabby But Classy Look

Source: Instagram

Although Muttu’s hair is all over the place, sometimes it is good to just let loose. Check out his unique sunglasses in this one and the backdrop, well that’s beautiful too.

It’s never too late, start saving money and investing in these simple things that will make you look amazing at minimal cost!

What kind of shades are you attracted to? Speak to us through the space given below.

To catch episodes of Yaare Nee Mohini, stream it on ZEE5 now.

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