Yaaradi Nee Mohini: We Got Plenty Of Reasons To Believe That The Universe Is Protecting Vennila

We have noticed that the universe finds the wildest ways to keep an earnest Vennila safe from all dangers. Read more to find out how!

Bhavna Gandikota

January 8, 2021



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While Swetha from Yaaradi Nee Mohini always comes up with creative plans to create new obstacles in Vennila’s life, the latter comes out of it stronger than before. While we think that Swetha cannot top her recent evil plans, she comes up with something that’s more horrifying. And Neelambari and Poongodhai are always there by her side to help her devil mind.

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Each time that she does this, Vennila overcomes the hurdle courageously. While we commend her bravery, we also think that the universe has a huge part to play in her safety and this cannot be overlooked. Every time that Vennila is in trouble, destiny finds some strange ways to keep her safe.

Take, for example, this time when Vennila was accused of stealing. When Vennila was wrongly accused of theft and robbery, we saw Nagarani come to her rescue by compelling the actual culprit to confess to the crime. This is proof that every time, Vennila faces trouble and cannot get out of, the universe finds ways that one cannot imagine in the wildest of their dreams.

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Another example is Chithra’s spirit and the countless times that she has saved Vennila from Neelambari and Swetha’s trap. From making sure Vennila is the one to marry Muthurasan to saving her from becoming a parrot, there are just too many instances that prove that even after Chithra’s death, her spirit will eternally be around to protect Vennila. Be it vicious snaked that warm up to Vennila or her husband’s dead wife’s spirit, we know for sure that the universe will always find ways to keep an innocent Vennila safe from all dangers.

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