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Yaaradi Nee Mohini: From Punishing Swetha To Sensing Vennila in Appu, Why Muthurasan Is The Best Match For Vennila

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November 24, 2020

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From wanting to punish Swetha for hurting Vennila to seeing her in Appu, Here’s why Muthurasan and Vennila are goals

You are missing out on something really interesting if you aren’t following Yaaradi Nee Mohini’ diligently at the moment. Now that everything is finally out in the open and Muthurasan is aware of the truth, he is extremely angered by the chain of events that have occurred. Once again in Yaaradi Nee Mohini’s course, Swetha‘s plans of turning Vennila into a bird have failed and the latter has now returned to her house safely to her husband Muthurasan. More than what has happened to him he is sad about what Vennila had to go through. No wonder Muthurasan and Vennila seem to be absolutely made for each other.

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While Vennila is extremely selfless and forgiving towards anyone, Muthurasan always protects her and wishes to punish whoever harms her. Since Vennila is extremely forgiving, Muthurasan is always by her side and always keeps her safe. When Muthurasan learned about what Neelambari, Poongodhai, Swetha and Muruthu had plotted against Vennila, He was enraged and wanted to Vennila to whip Swetha.

Later when Vennila had told Muthurasan to forgive her, he told her that his wife was greater because she is so forgiving. Not only does he listen to Vennila but he also respects her and praises her up in front of everyone. It is these traits that make Muthurasan extremely likeable, making him look like an ideal husband. He understands Vennila, protects her and respects her at the same time. Once Vennila asks him to let it go, he even lets go of his rage.

At one point when he was blind and Vennila had disguised herself as Appu, it was only Muthurasan who felt that there was a resemblance between Appu and Vennila. Even when he lost his eyes, he knew what Vennila’s presence felt like. This proves that he knows Vennila more than anyone and doesn’t need eyes to sense her presence around him.

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