Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Four Reasons Why We Think Swetha Is Faking Her Memory Loss

Do you also think Swetha is only pretending to be in a vegetative state to catch up from where she left?


March 31, 2020


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Yaaradi Nee Mohini, starring Shreekumar Ganesh, Nakshathra and Chaitra Reddy, is currently one of the most popular shows running on the tube. And there is no denying that the show, with its intriguing narrative, has managed to keep the audience hooked to the TV screens. Now that Swetha’s character has been reintroduced with a twist, we can’t wait to find out what the makers have in store for us. In the show, Swetha is currently in a vegetative state and Neelambari is irked about the fact that she is not of any use to her and has become a burden instead. However, there have been several instances in the show that makes us question whether Swetha is really sick or just pretending.

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Recently, when we saw her clapping to Rudra’s game, it seemed more like she was reacting to Vennila’s statement that she has deposited money in Rudra’s account. Even during the time when Swetha watched Vennila and Muthurasan getting closer, she got upset. While all these lead us to believe that she is just acting to be sick, however, we are yet to find out the truth. Before we find out whether or not Swetha has really recovered, let’s take a look at why we feel she has already.

Shoulder Bullet

Yaaradi Nee Mohini
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Remember when the doctor informs Muthurasan and his family that they found Swetha in a terrible condition; She was shot on her shoulder and was profusely bleeding. The doctor removed the bullet and kept her for observation only to find out that Swetha is in a coma. However, ever since she came out of the coma, she’s been in a vegetative state. Well, we wonder who goes into a coma on hurting their shoulder in the first place. And then remain in a vegetative state, and develop mental health issues over a shoulder injury. While this is funny, what’s even funnier is that she wakes up from her coma when she hears Muthurasan’s interview on the television, that was kept in her ward. However, everything seems more like an act than reality but only Swetha could tell us the truth.


Yaaradi Nee Mohini
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Swetha, who has got both brains and beauty is by far the most dangerous villain we have ever come across in the history of Tamil shows. So, clearly, Swetha is the kind, who won’t attack unless she is aware of what she’s getting into. We feel that she is currently trying to observe everything and everyone in the house. From knowing each individual’s weaknesses, their approach towards her, to the truth and all that she missed while she wasn’t physically present in the house, Swetha is only catching up. If she had entered the house in a better condition, people would have been alert around her. However, now they’re being themselves while Swetha is playing an audience to everything that is being said and done. Like for instance, when Pooja says that Swetha should not recover or she will go back to being the evil she was. She said this in front of Swetha only because she thought the latter won’t understand a thing.

Testing Neelambari

Yaaradi Nee Mohini
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Swetha and Neelambari, both are villains and had been using each other to destroy the people they hate. As they hate the same people, they decided to work together against them. However, when Swetha was missing, no one really tried to find her. So, Swetha, who is now back, is maybe testing Neelambari before she could trust her again and join hands to destroy the people they always wanted to. So, maybe, when Swetha heard Neelambari say that the former has returned but is of no use to her and is just a burden instead, Swetha’s figured how much to trust Neelambari and how to use her to destroy Vennila and win Muthurasan back.

Play The Sympathy Card

swetha yaaradi nee mohini
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Remember the time when Swetha gets to the terrace without anyone’s knowledge and tries to attempt suicide. Well, that could all be just a part of her plan. For all we know, she must only be playing the sympathy card in order to gain special attention (by Muthurasan) and special consideration (by the entire family). Also, the fact that Swetha has a nurse to take care of her whose eyes are on her 24/7 proves the point. It would be impossible that the nurse would let Swetha hurt herself. So it could all just be a drama orchestrated to grab Muthurasan’s attention.

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