Yaaradi Nee Mohini Celebrates Its Second Anniversary While It Continues To Thrill Us

What takes the centrepiece in all set of events and characters, is Vennila, Her simplicity is what makes us fall for her.

April 25, 2019


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Two years in a long time to form a bond with anything that you are linked with. And an association with a show like Yaaradi Nee Mohini is definitely not a simple matter. On this day, when you look back at the fond memories that this show has gifted us, in the span of two years you would definitely realise how this show has changed certain perspectives for you and how you have evolved with the show.

Watch the conflict between Swetha and Vennila in the series Yaaradi Nee Mohini.

In these two years, the show has managed to leave an imprint in the minds of its viewers which is not easy to wipe away. So, be it the bubbly and innocent spirit of Vennila or the naughty Rudra, they all have been to us as a part of the family. So, when we see Swetha creating problems for Vennila, we feel the anger surging in for Swetha and we want to avenge her.

At the same time when we witness Rudra trying her best to help Vennila and protect her from the clutches of Nilambari and Swetha, we feel proud of Rudra and at the same time have that sense of satisfaction of getting justice. We may have sometimes felt that irritation creeping by when we see Muthrasan being manipulated by the likes of Swetha and Nilambari but then the realisation of the fact that no human is perfect makes us empathise with him and his situation.


But what takes the centre stage in all set of events and characters is Vennila. Her simplicity just makes us fall for her, her naive questions and doubts make us adore her and her smile that appears after the dark clouds of problems clear away makes us play that slight smile on our face. We just want everything good to happen to the kind-hearted Vennila and have our expectations pinned on the wedding of Mutharasan and Vennila to set things right for both of them.

So, what are your thoughts on the success of the show? Share them with us in the section below.

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