Yaaradi Nee Mohini: All Those Times When Chitra Managed To Foil Swetha’s Evil Plans

Yaaradi Nee Mohini’s Chitra might be a spirit, but here are all the instances when she still managed to foil Swetha’s plans.

Bhavna Gandikota

February 3, 2021



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Yaaradi Nee Mohini’s Swetha has an ocean of ideas to get rid of Vennila, but thanks to Chitra, Vennila is always saved. Here are a few times that we did not see coming when Chitra saved Vennila’s life and made sure that Swetha had to back down and leave Vennila alone, proving she is invincible!

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1)  When she enters Muthurasan’s body before he marries Swetha 

While Swetha gets away with faking a pregnancy and blaming Muthurasan for it, Chitra would not have let her get away with it. She enters Muthurasan’s body and stops him from tying the knot with Swetha. She enters his body just in time to save his marriage with Vennila, spoiling Swetha’s plans, once again.

2) When she beats Swetha up while Namboothri tries to change Vennila into a bird

When Swetha, Neelambari, Namboothiri and Poongodhai were trying to use tantras to change Vennila into a bird, even though Chitra was not able to enter the room because she was a spirit, she made sure that Swetha paid for her sins. As soon as Swetha got out of the room, Chitra started slapping her unstoppably.

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3) When she tells Muthurasan that the parrot is Swetha 

When Swetha fails to turn Vennila into a parrot, she becomes one herself, to jeopardise Vennila and Muthurasan’s marriage. She would have even succeeded if it was not for Chitra, who found out the truth and revealed it to Muthurasan. She might not be able to stop Swetha herself, but she knows how to handle her.

4) When she saves Vennila from drowning in the well

When Mohini drops Swetha into the well, hoping that she is dead, Chitra saves her and foils Namboothiri and Swetha’s plan all at once. While Mohini is about to leave thinking that Vennila is now dead, she sees that a woman has saved Vennila. The spirit reveals that she is Chitra, Vennila’s sister who is always by her side.

5) When Chitra fights Mohini

Chitra fights Mohini, once she finds out that Mohini is one of Namboothiri and Swetha’s biggest strengths for disarming Vennila. She takes on a dangerous spirit, even though she is no more in this world. She fights Mohini, making the good side win over the evil side, once again.

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