Yaar Da Punch: Chunky And Ananya Panday Reveal Their Funny Lockdown Routines From Home

In this finale episode of Yaar Da Punch, Ananya Panday shares one habit she dislikes about her father, Chunky Panday.

Kenneth Carneiro

June 25, 2020


3 min


Yaar Da Punch is a fun celeb chat show where Komal Nahta interviews two celebrities who are also very close friends. They talk about their friendships and how they are all spending time during the lockdown. For the finale episode of the first season, Komal Nahta brings together the father-daughter duo of Chunky and Ananya Panday for a frank and funny chat about their friendly bond and their lives under lockdown.

Watch the entire episode here.

Ananya Panday says that her relationship with her father is very differenat. Her friends find her dad more fun and want to hang out with her parents whenever they come to her house. Chunky Panday also says that his bond with Ananya is quite similar to his bond with his parents. Ananya mentions that because Chunky Panday’s parents were doctors, she also wanted to be a doctor. However, she always wanted to be an actor at the back of her mind and when the opportunity arose she was more than happy to accept it.

Chunky Panday reveals that when Ananya was first born she bit his nose but now she has made him proud. Ananya also mentions that she hasn’t seen all of her dad’s films because he keeps giving her a history lesson behind all the scenes, but they will be watching Vishwatma together at home. She also adds that the thing that irks her about her father is that he always roams in his towel at home.

Chunky Panday reveals that the first he is going to do post lockdown is jumping into a swimming pool. He also mentions that he has auditioned and signed for two web series during the lockdown itself. Ananya mentions that she is learning belly dancing and playing the guitar.

Chunky says his first party after lockdown might be his wife Bhavna Panday’s birthday bash. Ananya says after lockdown she wants to eat Italian or Japanese food because she has been eating Indian food throughout the lockdown. Watch out for the fun rapid-fire round that will remind you of your own family.

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