#WowWednesday: 5 Facts About Heer’s Lover Ranjha AKA Amaninder Pal Singh You Didn’t Know

Do you know that Amaninder Pal Singh was destined to play Ranjha on screen? Read on to know why!


July 15, 2020


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The Zee Punjabi series Heer Ranjha has set a new benchmark for folktales on television. By now, you know all about Heer (Sara Gurpal), Ranjha (Amaninder Pal Singh), and their world. Apart from stellar storytelling and excellent cinematography, it is the hard work of the cast that makes the show so authentic. Today, we are here to give you some interesting trivia about Ranjha aka Amaninder Pal Singh!

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1. Mamma’s Boy 

Source: Instagram

The engineer who found his destiny in acting is a mamma’s boy! Amaninder is proud of the fact too, as he lets his mom and sister have full control over his wardrobe! He says that he wears whatever they buy for him. Cute, isn’t it?

2. The Destined Ranjha

Amaninder Pal Singh as Ranjha (Source: ZEE5)

It seems that Amaninder was destined to portray Ranjha. Before playing Ranjha for Zee Punjabi, he played the immortal lover in the youth festival of his college, Chandigarh University, in 2016. What a coincidence, isn’t it?

3. The Lucky Vanjili 

Amaninder Pal Singh with his vanjili as Ranjha (Source: ZEE5)

Ranjha is known to be the best flute player in his village, Takht Hazara. Even Heer falls in love with Ranjha’s melodious tunes. Do you know that the vanjili Amaninder is carrying in the show is his own flute? Yes, this is the same vanjili from his university days and while auditioning for the show, Amaninder carried this flute with him. Role toh fir milna hi tha!

4. The ‘Never Give Up’ Attitude

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Before he got the lead role of Ranjha, Amaninder was auditioning for a year and a half. Amaninder was looking for a role in a daily soap, but when he got the opportunity to play Ranjha, he agreed to portray the historic character for old times’ sake, remembering his college days.

5. Daring Baaz Amaninder 

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Amaninder has always tried to fight against the odds and make his own way. During his college days, he used to be in a Bhangra Group, and when he decided to be a part of dramatics, his friends criticised his decision. However, Amaninder was too focused to be distracted. Now, people appreciate his choices and daring. After completing college, Amaninder studied with the theatre department of Punjab University for two years!

So these are some quick facts about Amaninder Pal Singh. Share your views about him in the comment section below.

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