Wow Wednesday: Here’s how Kadambini risked her life to save her colleagues during a fire!

Read all about the time that Kadambini stood up for herself and her friends, and then braved a raging fire!


October 21, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Kadambini, we get to see how the titular protagonist (played by Ushasi Ray), who is based on the historical figure Dr Kadambini Ganguly– Bengal’s first female doctor– goes through life and ultimately achieves her ambitions. Recently in the show, Kadambini demonstrated tremendous courage and saved her colleagues from a fire! Let’s take a look at how she managed to do this.

Watch the episode from Kadambini below:

Kadambini is studying medicine in college in Kolkata when this incident takes place. One day at the hostel, Prankrishna, who is hell bent on disrespecting the female students, makes a scene and insists that Kadambini personally serve him a glass of water. She does this, but refuses to go up to him and hold the glass to his lips while he drinks it like he demands. The other girls are somewhat awed by her firm stand, but also a bit scared as they are all intimidated by Prankrishna’s terrible behaviour.

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Kadambini continues to be defiant of Prankrishna’s wishes, and outright says that she will not do anything beyond serving the water as she pleases  and be done with it. She also sends Dwarkanath Ganguly, her headmaster, a message that they are being harassed by the awful Prankrishna, and tells everyone as much. Sure enough, Dwarkanath arrives shortly and takes on Prankrishna! He lunges at him with a stick and a fight breaks out.

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Amid the chaos, one of the curtains catch on fire, and by the time everyone notices, enormous flames are licking the walls! The sharp witted Kadambini has the presence of mind to alert everyone and move swiftly out of the building. However, one of the girls, Pratima, is still stuck in the burning room and Kadambini makes sure she takes her with her to safety. Kadambini never loses her cool and urges Pratima to leave quickly and directs her to step away from the embers and extricate herself from the raging fire, which she soon manages to do.

Source: ZEE5

Together, the girls make it out of the building and breathe a sigh of relief.

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