Wow Wednesday: Get Ready For Giggles In Sree Ranga Neetulu With Sridevi And Vijayashanti

This Wednesday, you will be wowed with the way Sridevi and Vijayashanti make you laugh in their 1983 comedy film, Sree Ranga Neetulu, on ZEE5.

Sneha Bale

May 27, 2020


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The times are changing, and the current change isn’t what we had imagined in our wildest dream. Despite the turbulent times, we are sailing through it together. With the help of entertainment and close family, everything seems to be fine. We’re sure you have rewatched many of your favourite shows and films over the last two months. Have you wondered why? Well, there’s a certain comfort in know what happens in next. And in these times, we could surely use it.

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It’s midweek and we’re sure many of us did not realise it. Honestly, that’s a sigh of relief to many of us. To make the sigh a smile, we have a special recommendation for you. It’s a 1983 comedy film directed by A Kodandarami Reddy, Sree Ranga Neetulu. Amongst a range of iconic actors, the film is led by legendary Akkineni Nageshwar Rao guru, Indian cinema’s cherished gem Sridevi and Vijayashanti.

Unlike most films, the plot of Sree Rama Neetulu is led by the ladies whereas the hero only acts as a catalyst. It all begins with Naryana Murthy being the preachy and righteous person that he is. He decides to cut all ties with his daughter, named Shanti when she proposes to marry a man outside her community, named John. On the other hand, Vijaya is a wealthy girl who elopes alone to get rid of an unsolicited marriage arranged for her.

Sridevi and ANR in Sree Ranga Neetulu
Sridevi and ANR in Sree Ranga Neetulu

Vijaya’s hurry ends up in an accident with Lakshmi, a humble and innocent girl. Vijaya escapes without helping her to avoid being caught. However, Lakshmi’s luggage remains with her. Murthy’s son, Rajesh, happens to see an injured Lakshmi on the way and helps her. When Vijaya wonders where she could find shelter, she sees something in Lakshmi’s luggage. Lakshmi happens to be the daughter of Narayana Murthy’s second wife and Vijaya decides to use this data.

She lands in Murthy’s house and demands for shelter while posing to be Lakshmi. Rajesh finds out the truth and decides to reach his pseudo-righteous father a lesson. Lakshmi finds shelter in John’s house, who happens to be great friends with her love, Ravi. By the end of the film, all the people who are connected to each other find their mysterious connection through a drama set up by Rajesh and Vijaya.

How does it unfold? You need to witness it yourself.

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