Wow Wednesday: 9 Times Nabha Natesh Cured Our Midweek Blues With Her Funny Side

Sneha Bale

February 19, 2020


1 min

The unending wait

Are you waiting for the weekend to have some fun? Are you wondering how to keep your sanity intact? Well, it isn’t so difficult. Let’s breathe in, breathe out and scroll through these funny images and caption, by Nabha Natesh. The iSmart Shankar beauty has always maintained her quirky self, making us entertain at all times. From her film dialogues to her Instagram captions, Nabha’s magic makes it all funny. So, here are a few of our favourite ones.

Here, she poses in a designer dress with a fancy yet traditional fanny pack. She captions it with, “Waiting for my food order with a pocket full of cash”. Funny, isn’t she?


While everyone gets busy perfecting the pose and taking it to the ‘gram, Nabha shares her failed pose and owns it with a pinch of humour.

Spilling the truth, sans any sugarcoat

Take a good look at this soulful picture and its profound caption about sea breeze and nature. But oops! It turned into a reality check this quick.

A whole mood

Nabha shares her desire to live the Sunday life again. And honestly, it’s our mood. We are sure that you are repeating the same mantra in your mind, too.

Saying it with one hashtag

Here, Nabha rocks the regular saree, with a huge twist. With this, she uses the hashtag ‘Saree Not Sorry’ to convey that she isn’t sorry about her experimental ventures. And, no she shouldn’t be. What do you think?

Little joys in life

The 24-year-old damsel keeps her social media image as real as possible. And here, she talks about how she does not need an imaginary world to come alive, because food alone can make her happy.

Solving problems, like a boss

Photoshoots can be tiring, and we can imagine how it must for Nabha, who has multiple photoshoots. However, this boss lady solves problems in a jiffy with a smile her face. She can sometimes make you laugh, too.

Keeping it neat

We all struggle with making sure our hair behaves well. But for some reason, Nabha does not have to deal with that. And there is nothing wrong in bragging about it.

Do the math...

In this digital age, we all focus on capturing the moment before creating. Nabha, like most millennials, is no different. Here, she takes pride in being who she is, and we hope youngsters take pride in themselves too.

You can check out more of Nabha’s awesomeness on ZEE5, as you watch Nannu Dochukunduvate.

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