Wow Wednesday: 6 Films Featuring Legendary Sridevi To Make Your Boredom Go Away

Sneha Bale

April 22, 2020


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Ramarajyamlo Bheemaraju

With the lockdown in place, we’re sure most people have lost track of the day. And, we are here to remind you. Today is yet another beautiful Wednesday and gladly, there are no more midweek blues. But to make it more interesting and joyful, we’ve got the lady with the sweetest voice. The one who needs no introduction – Sridevi. She may be gone but is she can never be forgotten.

Ramarajyamlo Bheemaraju features Krishna, Sridevi and Rajendra Prasad in the lead roles. The story of this film revolves around the simple protagonist who decides to leave his personal agendas at the backseat in order to unite the family.

Prema Kanuka

Prema Kanuka sees Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Sridevi as Raja Shekaram and Sandhya. Raja is an artist who seeks help from Sandhya in teaching a lesson to someone close to her, who in turn has ties to Raja’s past.

Devudichina Koduku

Devudichina Koduku is led by Sridevi and Krishna. The film revolves around a well-to-do family who find themselves sinking in an inevitable misery. That’s when Gopi manages to rescue them, but he realises that they cannot be left alone. The crux of the story is in how he manages to win their affection. 

Padaharella Vayasu

Padaharella Vayausu is a romantic film that will remind everyone of their first love and the first heartbreak. We see Sridevi as Malli, who falls for a doctor much elder to her. She decides to give up ambition for him. But fate had some other plans for Malli and her worst nightmare comes true, sooner than she could expect.


With the dialogue king, Krishna and Sridevi taking the centre stage, Panchanikapuram is the love story of a married couple. It all begins after the hero saves her from goons. Although it starts like a fairytale, the marriage sees trouble, and they decide to separate. In the midst of it all, the husband raises their daughter in secrecy whilst she believes that she lost her child, at birth.

Sree Ranga Neetulu

A 1923 release, Sree Ranga Neetulu stars ANR alongside Sridevi in the lead role. It revolves around Vijaya, who poses to be Lakshmi and meets Lakshmi’s biological father to find shelter. Vijaya also manages to drag along Lakshmi’s belongings, after the accident. The journey follows in the revelation of Vijaya’s true identity.

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