World Television Day : The Top 4 TV Shows On Zee Kannada And Why They Are Absolute Hits!

Without their ‘Abhimanigalus’ (fans aka ‘you’), none of these shows would’ve been a hit! So here’s wishing everyone a Happy World TV Day 2019!

Parinika Uchil

November 20, 2019

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Proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in the year 1996, World Television Day, also known as World TV Day, has been celebrated every year on 21st November since then. Known for its entertainment purposes, the Television set is the only medium that continues to rise in homes every single day. Of course, through these shows, films, ads and other formats, channels got recognition, thereby creating a bigger fan following every day.

Having said that, on this special day, on behalf of Zee Kannada, we would like to give you a brief about all the favourite shows currently airing on the channel. Also, these shows are leading on TRP reports, thanks to you…

1. Jothe Jotheyali

Anu And Aaryavardhan In A Still From Jothe Jotheyali
Source: ZEE5

The No 1 show in Kannada, Jothe Jotheyali, bags the first prize of being the best show on the channel till now. Starring Aniruddha Jatkar and Megha Shetty as Aarya Vardhan and Anu Sirimane respectively, the show is about two people, who fall in love in the most peculiar circumstances.

Aarya is older to Anu by more than two decades, which brings many obstacles in the couple’s path. The second problem is that Aarya and Anu’s financial backgrounds are as different as chalk and cheese. Ignoring the criticism by the people around them, will Aarya and Anu confess their feelings for each other? Keep sending your love to the show to find many more twists and turns your way.

2. Gattimela

An Intimate Still Of Vedanth And Amulya
Source: ZEE5

Another blockbuster show standing in the second position is Gattimela, which stars Rakshit and Nisha Ravikrishnan as Vedanth Vasishta and Amulya Manjunath respectively. This is one show that is over six months old now but is still giving hit episodes one after another.

The story focuses on Vedanth and Amulya and their journey to falling in love, despite hating each other initially. Amulya and Vedanth’s dialogues, their onscreen chemistry and every other element in the show have been added to make a perfect balance.

3. Paaru

A Still Of Aditya And Paaru
Source: ZEE5

Taking the third spot on the TRP charts, Paaru is a unique concept about a village girl and her tryst with the city, where her father works. Mokshitha Pai and Sharath Padmanabh are the lead actors on this show, who play the characters of Parvathi Hanumantha and Aditya Arasanakote, respectively.

The interesting part is that the love story is between Paaru (a housemaid) and Aditya (her employer’s son). While  Paaru has already confirmed her feelings for Adi, the latter is well on his way to realising who is in his heart.

4. Yaare Nee Mohini

A Still Of Belli, Muttu And Maya
Source: ZEE5

Finally, our World TV Day tribute goes to the show Yaare Nee Mohini because the story has gotten more interesting after actor Chethan Vicky was replaced by Suraj Holalu for the role of Muthu. The baseline of the story, i.e, Maya wanting Muthu all to herself is the same but the creativity of the show and the cliffhangers it leaves is getting interesting day by day, so Yaare Nee Mohini is a good fit in the top 5 shows in the state.

Give your favourite show a big shout out in the comments box given below.

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