World Suicide Prevention Day: 5 Reasons To Watch The Naseeruddin Shah-Vikrant Massey Film Half-Full

This #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, watch this inspirational short film and share it with people you think need a positive message of hope.

Kenneth Carneiro

September 10, 2020


3 min


World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September every year is sponsored by the WHO (World Health Organisation). The day is held in order to raise awareness about mental health and help curb the ever-growing suicide rates. This day has been honoured since the year 2003 and its message has never been as important as the year 2020. With the entire world locked up at home during the pandemic, battling job losses and a prediction of economies in recession, the message of keeping the hope alive and not giving up is more important than ever.

Half Full, starring Naseeruddin Shah and Vikrant Massey is one such uplifting short film. In all but 12 minutes, it drives home one of the most important points against suicide.

Watch a trailer for this film here.

Here are five reasons you should take time out to watch the film Half Full and share it with your loved ones too.

1. Simple and inspiring message

This short film has a positive and life-affirming message. The story is about a man who is bent on committing suicide but a mysterious older stranger comes into his life at just the right time and delivers a simple message that gives him hope to live.

2. Impressive cast

The film hinges on the performance of the leading cast which includes Naseeruddin Shah and Vikrant Massey. Vikrant performs brilliantly as the frustrated young man while Naseeruddin Shah plays a memorable role as the older and wiser but sarcastic man.

3. Intriguing story

This 12-minute film is also an interesting story. There is constant mystery about the stranger who walks into someone’s home uninvited, offers advice no one asked for and ends up saving a life. The plot twist at the end is truly unexpected.

4. Relatable problems

Vikrant Massey’s problems are something every person might be battling everyday. He is convinced that his life has no meaning and he has turned 30 years old stuck in a dead-end job taking him nowhere.

5. Award -winning film

This short film directed by Karan Rawal has won the Best of India Short Film Festival 2019 held in Los Angeles. it was even in the running to being selected at the Academy Awards in the short film category.

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