World News: Iran’s Nuclear Facility In Natanz Falls Prey To A Sudden Attack

One of Iran’s nuclear facilities located in Natanz recently underwent an attack and the president says they will increase uranium enrichment by 60%.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

April 16, 2021

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A nuclear centre in Iran recently met with an attack and they are suspecting that it came from Israel. Hassan Rouhani, who is the President of Iran, has thereafter also stated that the nation will increase the Uranium enrichment by 60%. It is also known that an advanced centrifuge was activated in this recently attacked nuclear facility in Natanz, Iran, only a day prior to this unexpected attack.

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Although, Israel has not reacted or given any response to Iran’s claims about the attack, according to certain U.S.A. reports, Iran will take months to recover from this attack. Regardless of this, the nation’s officials are still hoping to enrich their uranium by a margin of another 60%. This number is not only way beyond the 2015 nuclear settlement deal, but it also not right for the production of nuclear weapons whatsoever.

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Iran has been working on nuclear programs for decades now with facilities spread all over the nation. The Natanz and Fordo centres have been the subject of various talks. While the nation had hidden the existence of its nuclear facilities for a while, they are now under the eye and scrutiny of many. The changes and developments in the satellite images of specific Iranian lands had given away the possibilities of the nuclear facilities back in 2002 which had started speculations of the nation working on producing deadly nuclear weapons and bombs. Different percentages of enriched uranium are capable of providing for different usages, one of them being weapons. While Iran has always clarified how its nuclear objectives are harmless and peaceful, other countries remain to be suspicious of their intentions.

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