World Hindi Day: From Pankaj Tripathi In Kaagaz To Shilpa Shinde In Paurashpur, 5 Characters Who Can Become Your Hindi Professors

On the occasion of World Hindi Day, we present to you a few actors who would ace being Hindi professors.

Aboli Vaze

January 11, 2021



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Hindi is one of the most beautiful languages of the world and is spoken by a large portion of the world’s population. It has a very interesting history and is celebrated every year on January 10. On the occasion of World Hindi Day, we present to you a few actors who would ace being Hindi professors owing to their spot-on dialogue delivery and dialect in Hindi that nobody else can impersonate.

Watch the trailer of Kaagaz here:

1. Pankaj Tripathi in Kaagaz

Pankaj’s performance of a ‘dead man’ in Kaagaz has impressed the audience and we are especially loving him for his impeccable U.P dialect. He has absolutely aced it and would definitely make a very good Hindi professor. What do you think?

2. Shilpa Shinde in Paurashpur 

Paurashpur is set in medieval India and Shilpa Shinde has absolutely nailed her Hindi dialogues pertaining to medieval times. The audience loved her spectacular performance of a scheming queen named Meerawati and we think she can easily moonlight as a Hindi professor.

Source: ZEE5

3. Divyendu Sharma in Bicchoo Ka Khel

Divyendu is famous for playing characters whose Hindi vocabulary is excellent. If you have watched Bicchoo Ka Khel then you would have come across many Hindi words spoken by Divyendu that were not colloquial or commonly spoken. With vocabulary, this Divyendu Sharma’s character from Bicchoo Ka Khel is ought to make for a good Hindi professor.
4.  Manoj Bajpayee in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari
Manoj plays the role of a detective in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari and if you have watched the comedy-drama then you know that he is no Sherlock Holmes. While he may not be the best detective, he definitely has another flair and that is, his Hindi. We would definitely recommend becoming a Hindi professor as a career option for him!
Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari
Source: ZEE5
5. Richa Chadha in Lahore Confidential
Richa has won our hearts with her stellar performance in Lahore Confidential. But what has impressed us even more, is her dialogue delivery and command over Hindi. You are sure to enhance your Hindi vocabulary after watching Richa in Lahore Confidential and we think she would ace being a Hindi professor.

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