World Hindi Day: 8 Mythological Shows Every Kid Should Watch To Learn About Culture And Importance Of Hindi Language

On World Hindi Day, here are a few mythological shows on ZEE5 that you can watch with your kids.

Aditi Sharma

January 11, 2021


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Hindi is a language which is spoken by a majority of people in India. Hindi is also associated with the culture of India. Our parents always wanted us to know about our rich heritage and culture and same goes with the parents who are raising their kids right now. Thus, on the occasion of World Hindi Day, we would like to suggest a list of a few Hindi mythological shows that you can watch with your kids.

Luv Kushh

One of the famous duos of Indian mythology Luv and Kush are known to kill all the demons of the world and save the people from evil traps of wrong people. This fictional animation show is based on Lord Ram and Goddess Sita’s children Luv and Kush. From action-filled adventures to the excitement to unfold mysteries, this show is a perfect piece of entertainment.

Source: ZEE5


Chota Buddha

Chhota Buddha is a show that will make you relate to some of your real-life situations. Even after being a fictional tale on the life of Gautam Buddha, the teachings of Buddha will be reflected in every episode and that’s what makes it more special. There are three seasons of the show and it will give your kids some moral values to live your life.

Chota Budha
Source: ZEE5

Krishna Balram

This is another popular duo of Indian mythology with mighty powers, immense bravery, sheer focus, and sharp intellect. A fictional tale based on Lord Krishna and his elder brother Balram is a perfect blend of entertainment and knowledge. When Vrindavan is in danger from uninvited demons. the magnificent duo is here to save the day. Krishna and Balram travel through the sky, water, hell, and everything in between. It is the best watch to keep your kids glued to their seats.

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Ramayana is a ZEE5 series which talks about the greatest mythological story. Lord Rama, son of King Dashrath was sent into exile for 12 years and was accompanied by wife Sita and brother Laxman. Sita is then taken away by Ravana, The King of Lanka. Soon, a war takes place between Ram & Ravana. We don’t to further explain why this show should be on your kid’s watchlist.

Source: ZEE5

Kahat Hanuma Jai Shree Ram

With fascinating, interesting and adventurous tales on the life of Lord Hanuman who is the divine devotee of Lord Ram and 11th avatar of Lord Shiva, this show teaches us many moral values of life. You will fall in love with little Hanuman and his mischievous attitude.

Source: ZEE5


This &TV show depicts the childhood of Yeshu Masih (Jesus Christ). This series showcases Yeshu’s miracles and how he helped people with his healing powers in a world afflicted by sins and evil. This show is slightly different from other shows as most of the shows follow Hindu Mythology, however, this piece of entertainment is perfect for giving knowledge about Christianity and its values.

Source: ZEE5

Gadget Guru Ganesha

Meet Ganesha, a soft toy, who is a best friend to eight-year-old Guru. Ganesha frequently obliges Guru when he seeks his help in creating innovative gadgets to solve his problems. But his creations mostly end up creating bigger problems for Guru. Your kids would love some interesting toy creations and also how Ganesha fools Guru.

Gadget Guru Ganesha
Source: ZEE5

Paramavatar Shri Krishna

Paramavatar Shri Krishna is a Hindi mythological drama television series that focuses on the life of Lord Krishna. It shows how Lord Krishna was a mischievous child who later became the protector of this world.

Source: ZEE5

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