World Health Day: 5 Unique And Healthy Dishes To Try From Amhi Saare Khavayye

On the occasion of World Health Day, we bring you fivr lip-smacking recipes that are super healthy and tasty. Read on.

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April 7, 2021



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It is World Health Day today, something we all need to celebrate as health is important to all of us. The best way to being healthy is to eat healthily, right? However, many people, especially kids, tend to find healthy food not tasty. Well worry not, on the occasion of this day, we bring you five lip-smacking recipes that are super healthy and tasty at the same time. These carefully curated dishes from Aamhi Saare Khavayye are sure to tantalize your taste buds whilst keeping your health in check. Take a look.

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1. Healthy Pancakes

Delicious pancakes are the best way to kickstart your mornings. To make healthy pancakes, first make a batter by mixing eggs, wheat flour, milk, sugar, cinnamon powder, vanilla essence and energy drink powder. Then, take a pan and heat it up with some oil. After it is ready, pour the batter on the pan in the shape of pancakes. Wait until they’re fluffy and well-done before taking it off of the pan.

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2. Healthy Apple Soya Milkshake

To make this healthy shake, take a blender and add frozen apples, 7-8 almonds, low-fat milk, soya milk, cinnamon powder, and sugar-free cubes. Blend them together until evenly mixed. Take a cocktail glass and put some strawberries in it, then pour the mixture into the glass.

3. Healthy Spring Dosa

Dosas are delicious and everyone’s favourite. To make a healthier version of Dosa, first, make dosa batter using ragi, urad daal, sugar and salt. Then, heat some butter in a pan and add chopped garlic, onion, pumpkins, carrot, cottage cheese, capsicum, ketchup,  ginger, and some salt. Turn off the pan and add sprouts, cabbage and coriander to the pan. Then,  make dosas and add the veggie mixture to it. Then fold the dosa and roll it before serving.

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4. Raw banana paratha

To make raw banana paratha, first cook raw banana in a cooker. Then, make a batter of wheat flour, maida, Haldi and oil. Then take another bowl and crush the cooked bananas in it. Then, add spices, sugar and coriander to the crushed bananas. Then, knead the batter into Rotis and add banana mixture to it. Then close the roti and knead it again to make banana paratha.

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5. Palak Chips

Everyone loves snacking on chips to make those hunger pangs go away. To make healthier chips, take a bowl and add maida, cheese, baking powder, jeera, salt and spinach purée. Mix them all together and make a dough. Then, knead the dough into a roti then cut the roti into the shape of chips. Fry the chips and serve by garnishing them with grated cheese and ketchup.

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Which recipe will you be trying this World health day?

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