World Dance Day: Nikhil Damle, Sonalee Kulkarni Celebrate By Dancing Their Heart Out

The Almost Sufal Sampoorna actor and Yuva Dancing Queen judge have put up dancing videos of themselves that you just can’t miss!

Neel Raju Nalawade

April 29, 2020


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If you are stressed, troubled, or disturbed and looking for a one-stop solution to cure all your problems, we have it for you. All you need to do is put on your favourite song and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Dancing is one of the best exercises as well as therapies that one can indulge in. Many of us including our favourite celebs from Zee Yuva shows, dance to express our feelings. On World Dance Day, many actors including the Yuva Dancing Queen judge Sonalee Kulkarni and Almost Sufal Sampoorna actor Nikhil Damle have come forward to celebrate the event. The two posted videos of them dancing and also encouraged their fans to do the same. According to them, dance unites people, and to beat the pandemic blues unitedly, Nikhil and Sonalee took an initiative to celebrate the occasion. Check out the videos below.

Watch the episode of Yuva Dancing Queen here.

As we know, Nikhil has always been fond of dancing but seeing the video below we never realised that he would be so good at it! The Almost Sufal Sampoorna actor performs a fusion of breakdance and contemporary style here. His moves are truly impressive and after this video, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the charming actor may have just garnered more female fans. Right ladies?

Sonalee is well-known for her dance expertise and is even referred to as Maharashtra’s Apsara. The actress has impressed us with many terrific performances in movies as well as award shows. Sonalee showed her fans some of her graceful dance moves through her social media post. Check it out!

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काही दिवसांपूर्वी आम्ही #तूचालपुढं या गाण्यातून समाजातल्या खऱ्या हिरोज् ना मनवंदना दिली होती. त्यासाठी मी केलेला संपूर्ण व्हिडीओ आज शेअर करतेय. कारण आज जागतिक नृत्य दिन आहे. नृत्यकला ही माझा आत्मा आहे, म्हणून अगदी मनापासून दिलेली ही मानवंदना खास तुमच्यासाठी. #WorldDanceDay #dancefromhome #oneshot #onetake #artist #performer #impromptu #selfchoreographed #dancer #danceismyfirstlove

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The Yuva Dancing Queen judge even conducted a live session on her Instagram handle. The Natarang actress told her fans that dance is like a meditation for her. It is her passion and she uses this art to express herself, especially when she is feeling low. Sonalee also gave an opportunity to her fans to showcase their dancing talent. Many of them sent in videos, exhibiting their skills in the art form. And one of them was Yuva Dancing Queen Shaila Tike! Shaila joined the live session and did an impromptu dance act that wowed the fans and how. Sonalee was truly impressed by the response she got for her session. Finally, the actress signed off by motivating her fans to keep dancing and wished everyone a happy World Dance Day!

What is that one special occasion where you just danced like crazy? Let us know in the comments below!

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