World Autism Day: Throwback To Zee TV’s Beautiful Show, Aapki Antara That Sensitised The Audience Towards Autism

Check out how Zee spread awareness about Autism and its effects through the eyes of a young Autistic kid, Antara way back in 2009.

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April 5, 2021



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Do you know what Autism is? It is a serious development disorder found in humans that impacts a person’s nervous system and affects overall health as well. It is characterised by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviour. Although in 2021, many of us might be aware of the term and also what it means, did we all know about this back in 2009? The answer is no. Even though many kids are impacted by this disorder every day, very little awareness was there around it. That’s when Zee pioneered in this area and decided to spread awareness about this through a beautiful show called Aapki Antara.

Check out the first episode of the show here:

Today on World Autism Day (April 2), let’s take a look back at this incredible show. Aapki Anatara is a Zee TV show that released in the year 2009, more than 2 decades ago! The story of this show focused on the life of a five-year-old autistic kid, Antara. Antara was born to Anuradha out of wed-lock with her then-lover, Aditya Verma. For the whole of five years, Anuradha takes care of Antara and lives happily with her. But the poor kid’s happiness was short-lived as Anuradha passes away in a car accident leaving Antara orphaned.

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Later, Aditya Verma is compelled to take Antara, his illegitimate child home, to his wife Vidya, and son, Abhishek. Things don’t go well with the Vermas as they’re unable to figure out what’s wrong with Antara. To anyone who looks from the outside, Antara seems like a day-dreamer with poor social skills, a slow child who is unable to express her emotions. But it is revealed later, that she’s suffering from Autism.

Baby Antara with her father and brother
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The story then revolves around Antara and the Vermas’ journey of figuring out what Autism is and how to give Antara a life as normal as possible. As the story progresses, Antara is seen evolving as a person. With enough love and care, she starts fighting the disorder and begins expressing more. In an exciting turn of events, it is also revealed that Antara is in fact a Math genius. Although she faced issues with social interaction, numbers seemed to be her best friend.

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Antara then moves on to become a young adult, facing everything a girl her age does, with the added issues that come with her condition. All this while her step-mother, Vidya and father Aditya were of great help to her. Although her brother Abhishek hated the fact that she’s autistic and thus gets more attention and love from the family, eventually even he comes around and starts loving her like everybody else.

Adult Antara
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The show not just made the Indian TV audience aware of the disorder called Autism and how to deal with it, it also showed how with enough love and affection, even autistic kids can have a better future.

Check out Aapki Antara only on ZEE5.

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