Work From Home, Says UK PM As He Announces New COVID19 Guidelines

UK PM Boris Jonson encouraged work from home, ban of table service at restaurants and warned of penalty for not wearing masks due to fear of second COVID wave

Raghav N

September 23, 2020

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In his address to the Parliament, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for a new series of measures to combat the surge of  COVID19 infections in the country. He said that the UK was reaching a perilous turning point and must act quickly to avoid further damage.

Barely after a week of asking his people to get back to work, Johnson has requested for all those who can work from home to continue doing so. Other than this, all pubs, bars and restaurants will only operate on table service, except for takeaway orders. All hospitality venues must shut by 10 pm.

Wedding ceremonies will take place with limited guests and there will be a ban on indoor team sports. Strict fines will be imposed on anyone who is seen outdoors without a face mask.

The prime minister also made it very clear that these restrictions may even apply for another six months depending on the future situation.

While the nation’s scientists have warned that the Coronavirus cases could go up to as many as 50,000 a day by mid-October, the residents seem to believe that these rules will not make a considerable difference.

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Keir Starmer criticised the government for its poor testing facilities and the death toll, that stands at more than 40,000, the highest in Europe.

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