Wondering What To Gift Your Sister On Raksha Bandhan? Here Are 10 Ideas To Help Get Rid of Your Confusion

This Raksha Bandhan, save yourself the stress and gift your sister something she will truly cherish and enjoy.

Sneha Bale

July 31, 2020


6 min


Brothers and sisters are always quarrelling or complaining. But no matter how many times they fight with each other, the love never fades away. The Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan celebrates this unbreakable bond. This is when sisters expect a gift from their brothers – well, when don’t they? But this day is special, and at least today, their brothers shouldn’t disappoint them. So, if you haven’t already bought your sister a gift, check out our easy gifting ideas.

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1. Premium or Flavoured Coffee

Coffee is something many people take seriously. If your sister is a coffee enthusiast, you can score all the brownie points by giving her a delightful pack of premium coffee. These days, flavoured coffees like rose, peppermint, and lavender are in trend. Did you know you could also get a good deal on flavours like watermelon, salted caramel or hazelnut?

2. Therapeutic Goodness of Ayurveda

The current pandemic has taught us to look after ourselves. And skincare has gained more prominence than ever before. If you believe your sister is all about that, surprise her by gifting some ayurvedic skincare products, like facial cleansers or facial serum, face masque, night cream and skin combo care sets. There is definitely something for everyone here.

3. Tender Hands, Love and Care

Sanitizers, hand washes and other household chores may have dulled down the texture of your sister’s hands. If she enjoys a good pampering, we’re sure she will love indulging in some luxurious hand care experience. Brands today are combining the age-old traditions of Ayurveda with modern science to create products that nourish your skin while keeping it clean and germ-free.

4. Face Mask

Let’s be honest, face masks have come to be a daily necessity and they might not be the prettiest piece of clothing in her wardrobe. We know how seriously ladies tend to take their outfits. If that sounds like your sister, you might want to take a look at the high-end clothing brands who are rolling out chic and comfortable face masks that’ll surely up her fashion game during the pandemic.

5. Handcrafted and Hand-woven Textiles

Due to certain developments in the recent past, the need to encourage homegrown brands has been garnering a lot of attention. You can delight your sister and and in turn help the country and also the environment with such a sweet surprise. There are many brands that sell hand-woven sarees, kurtis or even materials that will suit her style.

6. Pleasant Luxe Fragrances

You know your sister loves a good perfume if she can differentiate between perfumes, mists, eau de colognes, eau de toilettes and eau de parfums. You can surely be schooled by her on this subject, but for this occasion, pick a fine fragrance and spritz some brotherly love in the air.

7. Ethnic Jewellery For Some Added Shine

It is true that most modern women do not make use of ethnic jewellery often. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like it. In fact, we believe that is exactly what makes it more special. A good pair of jhumkas or neck pieces never disappointed anyone.

8. Relaxing Time With Sheet Masks

Sheets Masks are all the hype in the world of beauty and fashion right now. There is nobody who would not love a good sheet mask at the end of a tiring day. The masks penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis and help smoothen its texture, hydrate it and get the skin glowing.

9. Crystal Face Rollers To Indulge in Self Care

Yet another beauty trend that finds inspiration from deep within the earth are crystal face rollers. These crystals are said to emit a certain energy that helps in calming you down. Moreover, it helps in de-puffing your face while also massaging your skin gently for more radiance. Make your sister’s skin shine brighter with a crystal face roller.

10. Make-Up Goodness

Most girls are into make-up. Even if they are not into using make up regularly, it’s something they like having in their vanity boxes for special occasions. So, take a close look at her vanity box and find the item she treasures the most. It could be the perfect shade of blush or a bright strobe stick. Place your order and wait for the lovely surprise to come home, just in time.

So, are you ready to shop? Tell us what you’re planning on gifting your sister in the comments below!

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